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NOTE: The "" link given below belongs to the Sid Williams Research Center. This research facility is in affiliation with Life University, College of Chiropractic, School of Arts and Sciences in Marietta, Georgia. The founder of Life University was Dr. Sid E. Williams, D.C. You should know that Dr. Earl Craton and Dr. Sid Williams knew each other professionally. And yes, I am fully aware that Sid's Research Center seems to have disappeared from off of the face of the web. Witness the potential impetus that prompted this fact. Do you suppose they will finally get it right now? I stand in observance....

November 27, 2002

See an acceptable proof of my supposition that this web site is responsible for the demise of the Life University's research database. Notice the last date listed and see just how frequently their index page was being crawled. My challenge was made on September 24, 2002. My question is: "What is it that they have to hide?".

February 20, 2005

The simulations presented here come from, and are property of, the following address: NOTE: (You may click here to see the page if the above link is not working.) I have included this information in order to preserve the facts that the chiropractic institute adheres to at this time. This is to insure that this information does not suddenly vanish from the scene should the field be found guilty of misrepresenting the facts of the human skeleton.

Before I explain the pertinent details of these simulations I need to tell you that although it may seem unrealistic to challenge the established understanding of the chiropractic field, nothing that has been set up in order to give you the impression that they know what they are talking about, such as a license to practice, establishment of schools, prestige associated with a title of doctor, or wealth spent or acquired, etc., is enough to disrepute the absolute truth, of which you can know without a doubt, simply by considering the following.

At first glance these simulations seem to express a miracle of knowledge. After all, the top vertebra is clearly moving in order to show a potential detriment to the body (vertebral misalignment, according to the chiropractic institute). Notice below how the facets of the atlas are being separated from the occipital condyles of the skull. Herein lies my entire argument.

Unfortunately the chiropractic authority rigorously adheres to this presentation. It is so comically believed that I have absolutely no hope of educating them without opening them up to public ridicule. In fact, I am sure that they will refuse to listen until John Q. Public tells them to their face, their error.

Now, back to the simulation. Do you notice how stable the head appears to be? Look closely. Do you also notice how the head appears to be suspended above the atlas? In fact, there is very little, if any, contact represented here, between the head and the top vertebra. Now if this strikes you as odd, you are not alone in that understanding. Are we supposed to believe that our heads are mysteriously suspended from an invisible cord coming down from above? Or are we now fully entrenched in the understanding that the head is supported by the atlas by actually coming in contact with it? NOTE: These joints are synovial in nature, which means that they are essentially free moving within limits defined by the span of the articular surfaces of each joint. This surface is smaller than is thought possible in the case of the atlanto-occipital joints, because in actuality, there are two pairs of facets with corresponding articular capsules adjacent to one another per joint complex. This discovery is detailed better in the slides of the atlas, facets, skull, and atlanto-occipital joints links.

I suppose you can believe as the chiropractors do, that the head is not subject to subluxation, and that it MUST be the atlas that subluxates in relation to the head. But I do not believe that anyone that actually considers this page will willingly be deceived any longer. If you still doubt me, ask yourself this. Why do many of the chiropractic techniques deliver what they call joint decompression and not position? NOTE: In performance of their technique a common method is to first pop the atlas one way and then the other. This is meant to unlock the joint and supposedly allow for the body to reposition the affected bones.

Here is an exercise you can do to help you understand further what I am saying. It is simple, and even laughable when you realize that there are whole herds of professionals who have not seen this basic truth. Take something, a coin, pencil, your glasses, whatever, and hold it only in your left hand. Now try to imagine that object as not only being in your left hand but also in your right hand simultaneously. Do not move the object, just say to yourself that it is in both places at the same time. In actuality it is only in your left hand; we all know that. Now imagine that the object in your hand is your head. What I am getting at here is that chiropractic technique acts as though the solid matter of bone exists in two places at the same time.

Why do I say this? Because in actuality when the head subluxates it has only moved in one out of four possible directions. These are:

          1) right, clockwise
          2) left, clockwise
          3) right, counter-clockwise
          4) left, counter-clockwise.

With this said, know that it is an impossibility for the head to be in two of the above listings at the same time. (Or in the above exercise, the object to be in both your left and right hands at once.) If you must believe that it is the atlas that has subluxated, then it is still obvious that the position of the atlas in relation to the head is only in one out of four possible positions that are mirrored above. And yet when the chiropractor slams the atlas first one way and then the other in order to decompress a joint as he will claim, what exactly is he doing? Do you know? If you do with any scientific reasoning, will you please tell me? Because I say he is a fool, not knowing the difference between his left and right hands, assuming that matter occupies more than one space at a time!

Please see the off site video: "Is a Headache Worth Dying For?". Note: This video is specifically regarding what is commonly called 'neck manipulation' which is primarily practiced by the chiropractic profession. This form of 'therapy' is not specific in any sense and is extremely dangerous as you will see. Our work has the ability to counteract the effects of this potentially deadly practice both before and after the event of the slipshod slamming on the neck.

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