FOR EDUCATORS OF ALL TYPES: You may use any concept from this web site free of charge as long as you furnish the world wide web address ( in your presentation. You agree to NOT have the final word on the concept, and must explain to your subjects that God is requiring them to discover their own mind in this process. In other words, they are being called to see the truth for themselves, without ANY coloring from you.

There is a minimal cost to use our graphics if you agree to give credit to the web site. Please see gallery for availability and pricing, make payment in advance, and furnish us with the information on where the graphic will be located. If you would like to use any one graphic from the gallery to link to our web site then there is no cost for this privilege. Please contact us with your request and URL, and we will e-mail you the graphic of your choice. If you link to our web site, please feel free to select use of one graphic (which can be used either on-line or off-line) from the gallery for every unique link provided, free of charge. All we will ask is that you mention our web site next to the graphic. NOTE: If you terminate a link provided to us, then you must cease use of the graphic provided to you in return.

If you wish to present any original concept without providing the web address in your presentation, the cost is $50,000.00, paid in advance. (Fees do not purchase exclusive privileges.) We will furnish you with a signed authorization upon receipt of the fee, so please include your name, title, company name, and personal and business addresses, along with your choice of concept, and purpose for using such concept, that is presented on our web site. If you wish to present our art work without furnishing the web address, please see pricing in the gallery. If an item is not listed, it is not availabe for use. NOTE: Use of any portion of our unique concept or art work, is still use of our intellectual merchandise. (God is watching and Karma is real.)

Concerning the right to use either of two original songs published on the web site, you will need to negotiate cost.

If you have any questions pertaining to this arrangement or the use of our material, please contact us.

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