Philosophy of Nerve Signal Interference Removal (NSIR)

We recognize that the human body is innately endowed with the ability to heal itself. It is this force, in regard to the human body, that we respect most. The key to unlocking the magic that this force posesses, is in allowing for proper communication between the individual cells of the body. This proper communication is achieved by removing the Nerve Signal Interference that creates misinformation and confusion within the body.

We understand that pain is the mechanism that the body uses to alert the brain to a problem. This signal is necessary in order to know that something is wrong. A change in diet or other lifestyle can sometimes correct the problem. In many cases a more drastic measure is needed.

The body is prone to subluxations in certain joints. There are no muscles within the body that can correct these subluxations and an outside force is necessary to position these joints back to a proper articulation. In such cases it is imperative that an accurate assessment is made and the correct force is applied.

Also, there are other factors that can create NSI. Many times it is possible to correct these other factors without the use of drugs or surgery. If the proper nerve signal is restored and the tissues of the body have not suffered irreversible damage, then the body is almost always capable of healing itself.

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