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To all of my new friends, here are the direct links to the information on the skull, atlas, facets, O/A joints, and anatomy textbook errors. Without this awakening, and a steadfast determination to accept absolutely NO imitations, healing and health will be forever stunted.
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Tammy Joy Kennedy is the first-born granddaughter of renowned chiropractic practitioner, researcher, and author Earl F. Craton, D.C., Ph.C., & Nerve Signal Interference Specialist. She earned her certification in Nerve Signal Interference Removal in 2000 after studying with her 'Grandpa Craton', for twelve years.

She is known for her tenacity and candor and has already worked on three doctors from the chiropractic field. These include Dr. Thomas Smith, D.C. (the 1995 President of the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners), Dr. Frank Kampschroeder, Naturopathic D.C., Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences, & Dr. Kent Bartell, Naturopathic D.C. It should be noted that Dr. Smith and Dr. Bartell were both found to have a subluxated pelvis and a subluxated occiput; Dr. Kampschroeder was only found to have a subluxated pelvis. And, it should be further noted that the only credentials she needed in order to be allowed the opportunity to benefit these men was her statement that she was Craton's granddaughter and had learned his work. She has also worked on a Pastor Marilyn with the First Assembly of God Church at Oakwood and Chestnut in Enid, OK. The reason for her approaching the church was due to the fact that the state had previously failed its responsibility to the people in allowing Craton's research to benefit the health of the public. Subsequently, the church has followed the path of the state and has kept its silence also.

As a scholar of the bible, she has paid credence to the hope of a new messiah, or second coming of Christ. And as such, she has earned a Medicine Wheel, the Shepherd's staff, the Rod of Iron (white stone seen below), and the Morning Star (written on her right thigh), etc., etc.

Struck over the head by a classmate while still in Junior High school, she suffered both a cracked skull, and a broken neck. Having come close to death more than once, she is a clairvoyant.

Born under the sign of the Lion, she is a natural leader. Tammy is also a fluent speaker and is currently available for lectures and seminars; her fee for within 200 miles of the Enid Oklahoma area is set at $1,000. Outside of this area, her fee is set at $10,000.

She has hereby challenged the entire medical system, including her cousin, Dr. Joel Miller, D.O., to test Craton's method in the form of a study. In order to insure the clarity of Dr. Craton's technique, she insists that she MUST be allowed to participate personally in such a study. She has recently become aware of the presence of her cousin on the web and is saddened by his lack of ability to "tell it like it is" regarding his reason for becoming a D. O. She has noticed that Joel's lack of mention of Dr. Craton, his technique, philosophy, and dreams, is absolutely deafening in its scope.

Temet Nosce & Come

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