Alice and the Looking Glass

"I am not crazy.", thought Alice, as she watched with disbelief. The cloud she had been watching faded into the nothingness that was there before. "Did anybody else see that ?!"

"See what?", was the reply.

She stumbled on the words. "The face . . . the image . . . the doves."

"Slow down, Alice. It's OK. What did you see?"

Alice ran outside almost expecting to feel wings sprout from her shoulders. There was nothing there, not now.

"I swear I'm not crazy, but I just saw something in those clouds.", she said gesturing. "It was like something out of a dream. She paused, looking intently at the clouds. Nope, nothing there. Pulling herself together, she turned and said, "First I saw this angry face. It had a hooked nose, a jutted chin, and a hollow eye. The cloud was dark, and it was looking right at me! Then somehow it changed, it's not dark anymore, but there are shadows. I saw Jesus' face! He was majestic, commanding! He was there for about three seconds, and then the cloud changed again. This time I saw two doves as if they had just taken flight. One was headed East, the other was headed West. And then it was gone, just gone."

Shaken and intrigued Alice wondered what it meant. Did she really see what she thought she saw, or was it just her imagination?

"It's OK Babe.", her husband Rick coaxed. "I didn't see it, but I believe you. I think that would have been pretty neat."

They went back inside. They were visiting friends and had just gotten out the dominoes for a game.

After some discussion, and the opportunity to calm down, Alice finally managed, "Whose turn is it anyway.", referring to the domino game.

"I think it's mine.", said Rick. "Back to business, someone's going to have to sign their name."

Alice had been born to a very special position in life, and she was just now starting to come to grips with it. Her life had become overwhelming enough as it was, and now she had this message to add to the confusion in her head. "Just be thankful you saw it; and you didn't even have to look for it.", she thought to herself, coming to the conclusion that it was given to her to see it. "Thank you Lord, I trust in your wisdom."

Alice was beginning to understand her relationship with the Great Spirit. It had always been there to guide her, and just now, she had started to recognize it. She had been getting revelations for a while now, but none in imagery. "A prophet.", she thought, "If anyone would have told me, I would have said they were crazy." ...

The date of this experience was August 17, 1994. Three days later, the white buffalo "Miracle" was born in the north, the direction in which the vision appeared.

And I, Tammy (biblical name is Tamar, Jesse's granddaughter & King David's daughter), am the one who saw and understood these things. Come!



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