The intention of this web site is to broaden your insight into the capacity of the human body. This web site is being written with the hope that you will walk away informed as to the possibilities that are within yourself ... to heal, to live, to love.

The truth of the matter is that the body heals itself.

No doctor can take the credit for this miracle of God. Not one. Any wise practioner knows this.

Oh it is possible to manipulate symptoms in order to alleviate pain, or to prolong life. But only the gift that is born to each of us is what actually heals the body.

We understand that the most important task that anyone could hope to accomplish, is to work with the body in its effort to heal itself. Simply, we feel that the job of the practitioner is to free the body of any hindering mechanism that might get in the way of the healing process.

We also have a new understanding of disease. We are now aware that the different conditions that are so readily labeled by the medical community such as asthma, bronchitis, cancer, diabetes, and so on, are more appropriately understood to be manifestations of disease, or symptoms, not disease itself. This new understanding allows us to see the three basic causes that exist in order to allow such conditions to survive in the human body. These three causes are:

  1. physical,
  2. chemical, and
  3. psychological,
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI).

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