Causes of Psychological Nerve Signal Interference (NSI)

The psychological aspect of NSI is probably the most elusive to define. It can however be caused by either or both physical and chemical NSI. By itself without any other forces to trigger it, I offer the following as an explanation.

Psychological NSI is most directly influenced by the following four factors. These are:

Psychological NSI has the ability to be shared within society. In other words thoughts are contagious. One person's idea can spread to whole populations of people thereby causing a plague of erroneous thinking.

Psychological NSI also has the ability to create physical and/or chemical NSI. For example, the first time a child tries a cigarette to see if they look cool to their friends can be a stepping stone to a chemical addiction of tar & nicotine. Also the choices a woman makes in regard to diet can have direct influences on her body's ability to withstand hip fractures later in life. Etc, etc....

In the Genesis story Adam and Eve are warned about the end product of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. According to this account Eve takes from the tree and eats and then gives to Adam and he eats. It is interesting to note that only after the most basic element of society partakes of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil does "the fall" take place. In other words, Eve's eyes were not opened to her error until Adam also ate.

In contemplating this account I realized that the warning that God gave to Adam was meant as a means to keep him from falling into the process of dying. And, that this process started with a misinformed thought that was acted upon. Therefore I hypothesize that "the fall" was began by psychological NSI, and, that until this aspect can be completely eliminated in at least the most basic element of society, man will continue to suffer and die.

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