pg. 10A    Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Tuesday Evening, August 10, 1982

Star-Telegram Writer

White-haired, bespectacled Earl Craton golfed his age the other day.

It was something of which the 80-year old former Fort Worth resident was quite proud.

"Last year I golfed my age too," he confided.

Craton retired two years ago, after 57 years as a chiropractor, to Granbury and a house he started building for himself when he was 68. He finished the house, he said, when he was 72.

Now he spends his days golfing - at least five times a week, he said - and fishing. He looks like he could be a walking advertisement for his skill. He looks years younger than he is.

Although he was quite ready to talk about a chiropractic technique he discovered during his many years of practice, he insisted he wanted to make it clear that he accepts patients now only on a referral basis.

"What I want now is for someone who is really committed to chiropractics and who wants to learn my technique to come and work with me so they can learn how to do it," he said.

"It's not something you can learn from a lecture podium," he said. "It takes practice."

Craton explained that he had noticed by looking at human skeletons (rather than plastic ones) that the first vertebrate upon which the head sits has facets. He said he discovered that, in some cases, by manipulating the head rather than the spine he was able to cure many patients who had not been cured by other methods.

These patients, he said, had been going to see other chiropractors or medical doctors and often suffered multiple ailments from headaches to intestinal disorders.

He had a number of letters, testimonials to his success, from some of those patients.

Craton, who attended the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Oklahoma, said some things have changed - such as the fact that chiropractors now are allowed to practice.

"It used to be they would be arrested for practicing medicine without a license," he said.

Now chiropractors have their own board and regulations, and it's becoming more common for chiropractors and medical doctors to work together, he said.

Some figures estimate about 24,000 chiropractors nationally but Craton said he doubted there are that many. He said Texas has about 800.

Although Craton said he expects to be around a number of years longer, he was worried that his technique will die with him.

"After all," he said, gesturing with a crooked-shaped pen, "you can't argue with success."

   Important corrections to the article:

   1) Dr. Craton wasn't just a chiropractor; he was an independent
        researcher as well. FYI: Ultimately he had to turn his back
        on the chiropractic profession due to that profession's
        unwillingness to embrace badly needed change. He had
        disproved the so-called "science" of chiropractic and knew its
        basic tenet [of SPINAL MANIPULATION to correct
        VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS in order to remove
        nerve interference (correct term: "nerve signal interference")]
        to be a fraud.
   2) Craton discovered through studying a human skeleton
        rather than a plastic copy, that the first vertebra upon
        which the head sits has, not two, but four facets for
        articulation with the head.
   3) The mentioned manipulation of the head is actually a
        specific adjustment that brings the head back to center
        and into a proper articulation with the atlas.
   4) The Palmer School of Chiropractic was in Davenport, Iowa.

Is NSIR chiropractic?

SUMMARY NEWSFLASH:  In 2004 the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in Oklahoma sued me for practicing chiropractic without a license. I won the battle in June of 2008 and am still recovering from the financial damages of the OBCE's frivolous claim. They knew as well as I did that Nerve Signal Interference Removal was NOT chiropractic from the start. And quite simply, their claim was the ONLY one that they could make to create the subsequent controversy and possible continued suppression of Dr. Craton's life's research. Unfortunately the Enid News and Eagle, the local paper where the infamous battle took place, refused to report the news of the victory even though they had covered the story when the lawsuit first took place. I was told by the newspaper that they intended to report the outcome of the judge's decision once that decision was made. But apparently they only intended to make that report if the OBCE won the case. The newspaper in the small community where I attended high school, fortunately had a different opinion. If you wish to reward our victory in the court, and/or help our cause of forcing the powers that be in the medical industries to raise their standards, any financial support you may give will help to establish this new paradigm in healing for generations to come. Please send your financial assistance to:

Tammy Joy Kennedy
c/o NSIR Technologies
School of Alternative Healing
3109 W. Neilson Drive
Enid, OK 73703

(580) 402-3375 cell

From "OSCN.NET" - The decision is finally in - "Court Order" (If this link doesn't work you can see the PDF file here.)

From "Garber Billings News" - "The Dawn of a New Field"

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