Date: 5-30-03

Name: Dr. Tom Smith, D.C.
Address: 721 W. Broadway
City/State: Enid, OK 73701
Phone: (580) 233-7500

Nature of Complaint: Use of Pegasys for commercial for solicitation of business.

Addressed to Whom: Board of Pegasys

Summary of Complaint: Re: Tammy Kennedy: She has demonstrated her technique for manipulation on people with no certification and no license to my knowledge. (What he fails to mention here is that on Halloween of 1991, almost 9 years to the day BEFORE I got my certification, I had first demonstrated my technique on him and that he had not let Craton's research and subsequent methods out to the public at that time. The reason for his silence was because he never did learn the Craton method although he nearly flew to Dallas a few days later to meet with Dr. Craton personally. He required that I pick him up at the airport in order to make the trip; and since I would not be in Texas until VERY late that night he declined the opportunity.) She has implied that professionals who are certified & licensed by state & government regulations to provide the acceptable techniques to manipulate vertebra are not qualified to do so.

Suggestions: I feel it would be in the best interest for citizens to discontinue this program until she has met requirements that have been mandated by the state and government to be licensed and/or certified in the technique she is performing. (NOTE: My Ninth and Tenth Amendment Declaration has been on file with the legislative boards of the state et al. since November of 2000. This Declaration reserves my right under the law of the land as an American citizen and states that anyone who makes the attempt to usurp those rights shall be in violation of my civil rights retained by the document itself. It flew by the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners on January 19, 2001 and was free of that body's effort of regulation. And yes, Dr. Smith WAS in the room that night.)

NOTICE: This complaint will automatically be reviewed by the PEGASYS staff at which time if the problem is not resolved, the complaint will be forwarded to a committee. You will be notified of the time and place of the review hearing. Such review will be open to the public. I hereby agree to the above mentioned procedure of the handling of my complaint.

Signature: Thomas Smith, D.C.

Tammy Joy Kennedy

133 S. Burdel · Enid, OK 73703 · (580) 402-3375 [cell] ·

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Comments: The television program "in the Office with Tammy Joy" #1 had touched on the fact that Dr. Thomas Smith, D.C., et al. had previously allowed for my preferred services to benefit them, health-wise. This telling of the story was long overdue and dates back as far as 1991. As I had stated in an earlier show, "I am tired of waiting.". Obviously, the chiropractic doctors of the Enid OK community have shown their intent, and, that intent is not what it should be.

I had also mentioned in the program, the fact that Dr. Smith (although I did not actually give his name) had previously put a woman in a coma and told the ensuing story. Again, I understand that she was left to lay around in this coma in his office for approximately four hours. Apparently Dr. Smith was not prepared to furnish her with timely emergency service upon his mistake of technique (which by the way I can prove the reason for). I also understand that she was FINALLY taken to the emergency room of one of the local hospitals. I have recently discovered the woman's name as being Patricia Keeton; I understand that she had a friend with her at the time of the above appointment. I am currently in search of both Patricia and her witness to Dr. Smith's behavior at that time. Please, if you know anything about this story contact me in order to set the record straight. In the meantime I will be paying a visit to the Garfield County's court clerk in order to glean more information.

On a technicality Dr. Smith was able to bounce my programming for a period of 90 days. This was due to the fact that at the end of my show ("in the Office with Tammy Joy" #1) I had placed a statement as a convenience to those who might be interested in knowing a particular fact. That detail was regarding my hours of operation. I had said simply, "Office hours by appointment only; to schedule please call (580) 234-1633.". This was an honest mistake, (which I had crafted in accord with other church notices), and, I am willing to let this chapter be known fully by the public. Had I simply said something like "Free consultations" (which I do honor), or just put up my phone number without the call to action, or had non-profit (501C3) status, Dr. Smith would have lost the battle and my show would not have been considered as commercial in nature at all.

As Eminem says, "Everybody needs a little controversy; it feels so empty without me!":) I will be back!!

Previous contact

Notice sent to the Oklahoma Board of
Chiropractic Examiners
Star of Bethlehem

Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2003 3:31:55 PM
From: Tammy Joy Kennedy, Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist
To: Dr. Ron Tripp Jr., President
Cc: Ms. P. Kay Floyd, Board Attorney, Mr. Grant Moak, Attorney General Liaison
Subject: Notice from Tammy Joy Kennedy (Dr. Earl F. Craton's granddaughter) & Sanctioned & Certified Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist

To Whom it May Concern

Call off your "dog" or I will see to it that you will fall with him.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist

PS. You still have the opportunity to turn this battle to the insurance companies with the only sanctioned body of Dr. Earl Franklin Craton at the helm. Bring in the sweeping change in the spirit of my grandfather; now.

Posted: June 3, 2003.

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