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I received a call earlier today (November 8, 2001, the last time I was officially contacted before my struggle finally went public) from the liaison for the Oklahoma Chiropractic Board. His name is Grant Moak, and I must say that I was fairly impressed with this man's spirit. We talked for probably close to an hour and a half and had a very constructive conversation.

I will say right now that I agreed with some of his points and concerns. I too have felt that I might be vulnerable for my stance. I do not remember the entire conversation nor do I need to explain again what is already here on the web site. Much of what we talked about has already been laid bare right here.

He did say though that his concern was that I had apparently helped several children without explaining first to their parents what needed to be done. I agreed with him and said that at the time of these kids visit to my home to see my daughter that their previous conditions showed themselves plainly. And upon their request for my help for aspirin or other known remedy of the time, which of course I do not own, I offered instead, what I knew. I explained that the parents were not available to ask and that my spirit would not let me let these kids suffer if they were prepared to let me fix them.

NOTE: I am very confident in what our work will do for the children and am not concerned that there is any potential damaging effect at all, in these cases. Also, I will tell you that I do have concerns in some cases, but these cases are generally over the age of 70 in men and known osteoporosis cases in women. And yes, I have wrestled with the possibility; I do not want to hurt anyone, especially the children. My spirit voice settled this for me. He asked me to consider the alternative fields and what they had to offer. And then I knew that I had to try as long as the person was willing for me to make the effort. This case happened to be a woman in her 70's who had fallen in her yard in the hour before my call. She was so dizzy that she had to crawl into her house; it was a Sunday and she naturally called her family for help. When I saw her she was so tottery that I had to grab on to her with her family member on the other side to move her to a place that I could make an assessment. I saw her problem, but wasn't sure that I should try. She was older and an osteoporosis risk. I told her my reservations and said that it was her call. She wanted the opportunity, but I was scared to make a mistake and then I heard, "What are her alternatives?", and was shown the two fields ordained by man. I knew then that she was at a greater risk of breaking a bone if I didn't try, and so, "A MIRACLE!".

Mr. Moak knows that there has been no complaint or concern shown by the parents of the kids on my web site. In fact, their parents have thanked me for my efforts and these kids now know who to come to should they need me again, "ANOTHER MIRACLE!".

Mr. Moak says that what I am arguing is a moral issue and that the law was still the law. I agreed with him and said that it was inevitable that the law will soon conform to the moral right. I told him that I would argue in any court as he was hearing now and that I had faith in my position.

Are you ready for me?

He has advised me to pursue the academic institutes and says that if what I say is proved in a study that the writer of that scientific paper would be set for life. I see this as an invitation for the nobel prize, which I have known for many years that Grandpa, and now myself, is worth. I explained to Mr. Moak that I appreciated his position and his direction, and that I will take to task the needed cause.

I also explained to Mr. Moak that I would ask for him to respect my position as an American citizen and know that we simply had a difference of opinion on my right to pratice under the terms that he had heard. I have also explained to Mr. Moak that I am through working on the doctors, and that the way I had been treated called for this decision. I also said that I was through working for nothing and that my conscience would be my guide.

Mr. Moak has said [November 8, 2001, the last time he contacted me before my struggle finally went public] that the reason why massage therapists do not need to have a license is because it was judged that their art was not potentially dangerous. He explained that in the movement of the bones of the body that our system decided that this was invasive and potentially damaging. I contend that he is right, if it is done WRONG, and explained to him that was why I firmly stood on Grandpa's technique. Grandpa's technique, done right, has hurt no one. But the taught chiropractic and osteopathic methods have, at times, done much harm even while doing the developed technique right. And when you consider the economic damage in just getting a person by and not fixing their problem I say, "It is an injustice.". Plus, the damaging effect of letting a person walk around with true subluxations is indeed VERY physically and spiritually hurtful over time. And so, I explained that my God would not let me let people hurt if they wanted my assistance and were dignified in their request for help. And I will say this to my dying day.

And so, I have crossed another hurdle for the world. Mr. Moak is a kind and responsible spirit whom I trust to do the right thing. I am not afraid of any repercussion from our conversation because he himself has seen that at this time there is no reason to assume that I am dangerous. He has wished me hope and luck in the endeavor that must be taken up with our colleges, and has said that unfortunately he can't help more than that.

So, this page is to inform anyone who under the color of law, or their moral conscience, is concerned that I am a loose cannon against the public good, that it is okay. I have been approached twice now by the chiropractic authority in this state, and both times the liaison was generous and open minded. I would even consider these men as a friend, under the circumstances. And I now say that the next time any doctor would say anything to oppose my position without PROOF of my indecency that he would be taking a professional risk that he would soon learn to hate. And as I told Mr. Moak, "I realize that I am gambling here. But if I were a doctor, I would not take the risk of showing such a greedy stance to the world.".

November 8, 2001

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UPDATE: It turns out that Mr. Grant Moak appears to be no more than a willing pawn of the Oklahoma Chiropractic Board and is involved in the conspiracy plot to either silence Dr. Craton's work or steal Dr. Craton's work. I cannot say for sure what the state's ultimate objective is in this matter. I wish I knew absolutely.
Additional contacts: Notice sent to the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Date: June 3, 2003
Subject: Notice from Tammy Joy Kennedy (Dr. Earl F. Craton's granddaughter) & Sanctioned & Certified Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist
Letter written to Grant Moak, AG Liaison for the OBCE
Date: January 20, 2004
Subject: Last offer for a peaceful compromise from Dr. Craton's granddaughter, Tammy Kennedy

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