Veni, vidi, vici.

The Oklahoma Chiropractic Board's regular meeting convened at 7:14 pm. And, I was finally invited to stand and speak before them. My introductory remarks were that I would probably insult someone with what I had to say, and that I didn't mean to, but I had to say it anyway. I then told them that the vertebral subluxation, or vertebral subluxation complex didn't exist. I also told them that they were only dealing with a compensation and that there was a reason for the abnormal curvature of the spine. And that unless they realized that fact they were spinning their wheels with their techniques. I explained that the compensating state of the spine was correctly known as dyskinesia and that the condition would cause fragmented movement in the spinal column. But that unless the reason for the diminished range of movement was addressed, that it was crazy for them to try to force the vertebrae, or try to increase their range of movement. They, of course, did not want to hear that.

They then referred to the literature that Dr. Russell Anderson had sent them, the pages that he refused to return to me. They tried to say that I had sent the documentation. When I said that I didn't send it to them and explained Dr. Anderson's behavior as being less than professional they fell silent. Then they tried to say that my technique was chiropractic because the documentation had as it's header: 'Chiropractic Update'. I told them that the literature was now ten years old and they held outdated information. I also said that Grandpa had tried to steer the ship of chiropractic years ago and had failed, which then left me to stand on the ground that I was now standing. I told them that if he had known how to establish the new field that he would have set it up himself, but that since he didn't complete the task that it started now, in this time of 2001. They asked me if I had any documentation that I had written. I told them yes, that I had a web site. They fell silent. I then went on to tell that the web site did NOT discuss technique, and that I wasn't about to give it to them, referring to the technique. I made a comment about their ignorance and Mr. El Numero Uno said that he didn't have to listen to this. He told me that he had seen my correspondence and that he wasn't impressed. I told him that I hadn't come to impress him. He then asked me why I was there. I told him, "Distance.", and that I didn't want to be associated with their establishment. He said that he could help me with that and that he didn't ever want to see me again.

Dr. Chambers then tried to say that it was chiropractic because there were other techniques that dealt with the occipital atlas joint and rattled off Gonstead, etc. I disregarded his remark. Dr. Chambers also tried to say that I had broken the Physician's Act. At this point he pissed me off. I turned and squared off with him, lowered my voice, and said in a stern tone. "Sir, I never claimed to be a doctor." I then explained that every time someone came to me for help that they knew in advance that it was not chiropractic medicine and that upon my service the person's response was, "My God, it's NOT chiropractic and they should listen to you!"

The main man then asked me if I had approached the other medical fields. I said that I had. He went on to say, "I suppose they are a bunch of dummies, too." I said, "They are what they are, but you know that."

I believe at this point they gave me leave to go. I went over to their attorney to ask if I would receive anything in the mail saying that my work wasn't chiropractic. A laugh went up, and I focussed on the room at large. I told them that I could understand their being concerned that I might hurt someone under the name of chiropractic. But explained that they needn't be concerned because if I did hurt someone I would be doing it alone, without their help. I also told them at this point that this was a double-edged sword, and that every time I helped someone that I would be doing it alone, without their help. I actually saw in the eyes of some of those men, an approving look. And I was able to collect my things and depart, a free bird. When I got back to my car, the time said 7:37.

After the fact and looking back, it was as if I was outside of myself, an observer. And at the moment directly above, I found that my left hand was raised slightly. My right brain was directing me, while I held the hand of my Lord. The bible has always said, "Do not prepare what to speak, but speak what is given you in that very hour."

I told my husband later that I could imagine the stirring of every captive bird's heart, sitting behind the bars of their gilded cage, as my wings mounted their full height, and I flew out of the room.

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