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August 27th, 1990

James W. Parker, B.A., D.C., Ph.C.,
President of Parker Chiropractic College,
2500 Walnut Hill Lane,
Dallas, Texas 75229-5612

Re: Philosophical and neurological errors in your "President's Message" in paragraphs 3.4.5.& 6 of the first issue of AID.

Dear Jim:-

I have been debating on calling these errors to your attention and have asked myself, 'why the hell I should bother'. The answer is, I do care about telling it as it is when it concerns Chiropractic and you as a master entrepreneur of our beloved profession have need to be very careful to be correct in your efforts of influence for an informed decision to be a D.C. of excellence in eliminating the most common cause of mankind's health problems. I make no apology to bluntly list the errors you make. We have the same ala mater for our D.C. and Ph.C. degrees. My research of the facts and practical application of the facts for these past thirty years confirms the difference from 'reality' (one's beliefs) and 'actuality' (facts).

The facts are: 1) vertebra do not subluxate (see my enclosure). 2) "nerve impulses" are only signals. They do not posses functional quantity or quality. Cellular reception of the signal is the stimulus for the cell to function in the only way it was designed to function. NSI (nerve signal interference) screws-up the cell's function (disease), 3) NSI Can be mechanical (subluxation of the cranium on the atlas or sacro-iliac articulations or structural stress from leg length differences or the stresses of gravity compensations of vertebral adaptative positions which must be maintained until the subluxation is corrected; or/and NSI can be from quality/quantity of neurotransmitters via the synapse or neuron membranes, or/and psychological stresses of competitive origin demanded in social behavior. 4) Many living cells have no nerve connections yet they are endowed with the ability to respond to chemical signals independent of nerve connections. LIFE and DEATH are not solely dependent on the nervous systems yet degrees of adapting to the environment is the reason for the nervous systems and the chemical systems to compliment each other.

It is my opinion the chiropractic colleges should teach their students how to restore nerve and chemical systems to optimum functions without the use of drugs and/or surgery. By your invitation I demonstrated how this is efficiently done last March 8th.

Dr. Neil Stern committed himself to discuss a plan to work for this to happen and said, "You will be hearing from me within the week." To date this has not happened. You, Jim, will have to make this happen if it ever happens.

This up-dating of technology will demand drastic changes of the chiropractic curriculum. It does present a challenge, but eventually this must happen and my expertise would be helpful while I am still active and competent. Eliminating NSI is the "big idea" of chiropractic and our scope of practise to accomplish this is unique in the health care professions. The time is "ripe" to boldly take the lead and promote our expertise of removing the most common cause of mankind's health problems so the body can cure itself but when the cause is other than NSI proper referral is in order.

We were taught the errors I have called to your attention. Since it is now known they were errors is no excuse for continuing to teach them. Substituting the facts in place of our past errors will prove to be more productive for scientific acceptance, student enrollment and professional accomplishment of getting sick people well. Lets do it!

My very best regards,


Dr. Parker's response.

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