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August 31, 1990

Dear Earl:

I like your spizerinctum.

You are no doubt far more accurate in your scientific explanation of what we do as chiropractors than what I wrote in AID.

However, can you imagine writing to them what you wrote to me? We'd lose half our prospective students, for neither they nor the public (and not even many DC's) could understand it. So I just made it simple so that they could understand the general nerve signal interference. I got across the "big idea".

Dr. Stern is at a CCE meeting this week, but I am keeping your letter to talk to him in our next ABC (Administrative Brainstorming Committee) conference which we hold every Tuesday.

With your permission, I am going to send your letter to Dr. Ted Morter, of B.E.S.T. I think I did that once, and did you two then talk by mail?

You should sit through his (Dr. Martin Best) classes at the September PSPS Seminar and see what all you agree/disagree with? If you want to do that, I'll arrange a free entrance. It is September 13 - 16 at the Hyatt Regency at D/FW, and I can send you the program so you'll know the exact hours he is on.

Let me know.


James W. Parker, D.C.
Founder and President

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