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Traditional loyalty is a virtue only when truth is served. The, "vertebral subluxation", is a,"sacred cow", term that does not exist. Definitions per Medical Dictionary: "Luxation: term denoting dislocation of a joint". "Subluxation: term denoting partial dislocation". Vertebra cannot subluxate unless bone break or parajoint structure is torn. It is an obvious fact the architectural design of the pre and post zygapophysis and vertebral bodies bound together by the ligaments and intervertebral discs provide functional mobility with limits of restrictions that cannot be exceeded without dislocation.
Other joints devoid of the interlocking designs of vertebra can and do subluxate. Such subluxation is common between the occipital condyles and atlas lateral masses (the O/A joints) and between the sacroiliac articulations, rib heads and joints of the extremities, but not between vertebra.
These compensations need to be maintained until the subluxation is eliminated. The priority of adjustment/manipulation technique has been grossly neglected in the past and present spine straightening techniques.
Yet the cause of the health problem is not recognized as NSI simply because the health care professions have centered their attention on the adaptive consequences of subluxations.
The sick world is sorely in need of NSI specialists and for the chiropractors to upgrade their clinical technology as explained above.
Some progress in clinical technology has been made since 1895 in vertebral manipulation but the arts of eliminating NSI as identified herein has escaped attention except for our research these past few years.
We have focused our attention on eliminating NSI in the specific categories mentioned above and have the clinical records that prove its success. We no longer even try to adjust vertebra. We do adjust subluxations of the O/A joints, the sacroiliac joints and other subluxations of the skeletal frame and use specific manipulation for any joint or complex of joints to restore the ROM caused from the compensations from subluxations or trauma. We have learned the compensations of subluxations must be maintained until the subluxations have been eliminated and then the compensations need to be addressed by constructive manipulation. Also the skills of subluxation correction have not been reliably developed and therefore the primary cause of mechanical NSI has not been eliminated except by the various manipulative techniques that have inadvertently lessened the nerve insults on a random basis.
We live in an age of rapidly expanding technology. Our clinical technology of eliminating NSI is a remarkable improvement over any procedures taught today. Failures of yesterday respond to this improved technology and are constantly telling us how much they appreciate their new found quality of life and ask us to furnish them with the names and addresses of doctors we have taught so they can refer friends and relatives to this improved quality of health care. If your goal includes getting sick people well, then please join us in this noble service. See Contract.

Author: Earl Franklin Craton
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