Doctor Earl Franklin Craton
Doctor of Chiropractic & Nerve Signal Interference Removal
(NSIR) Founder
133 South Burdel Lane
Enid, OK 73703

Tammy understands the necessary steps for removal of Nerve Signal Interference (NSI). She is qualified to analyze, and adept at correcting sacro-iliac and occipital condyle subluxations. She is conscientious and thorough in her method and has exhibited a capacity of insight.

She is aware that she is a part of a living science and understands that her experience of acquiring knowledge in this field has just begun. I would like to be here to see where this science is in 50 years. I anticipate that she will do a fine job and not shrink back from her duty to the work.

Earl Craton, DC., Ph.C. -- Click here to see the actual document.

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