Announcing the good news! Dr. Earl F. Craton, renowned chiropractic practitioner, researcher, and author's work has returned to Enid. Come join us in order to discover more.

Our programming has currently been pulled from broadcast once again @ Enid's Pegasys, Channel 11 due to politics of John Hodgden (City of Enid Commissioner), Dr. Timothy Wayne Teske, D.O., etc. (see below).

   John HodgdenDr. Timothy Teske, D.O.Carol LahmanDr. Ronald Tripp, D.C.Dr. Thomas Smith, D.C.
John Hodgden
City Commissioner
Dr. Timothy W.
Teske, D.O.
Carol Lahman
City Attorney
Dr. Ronald Tripp
OBCE President
Dr. Tom Smith
OBCE President

"in the Office with Tammy Joy"

You may contact us for a private viewing:

"Red Fuzion" (29 minutes)
"in the Office with Tammy Joy" (59 minutes) #'s 1 - 4
"a Day in the Life", parts 1 & 2; (59 minutes)
"the Day of Reckoning" parts 1 - 7; (29 minutes)

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"a Day in the Life"
"the Day of Reckoning"

"Red Fuzion"

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