"Red Fuzion"

Previous air times for
"Red Fuzion" (29 minutes) starring August Joy:

Enid's Pegasys, Channel 11:
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 @ 6:00 pm
Thursday, November 13, 2003 @ 11:00 pm
     -- Currently pulled from broadcast due to politics
of John Hodgden (City of Enid Commissioner),
Dr. Timothy Wayne Teske, D.O., etc.

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   John HodgdenDr. Timothy Teske, D.O.Carol LahmanDr. Ronald Tripp, D.C.Dr. Thomas Smith, D.C.
John Hodgden
City Commissioner
Dr. Timothy W.
Teske, D.O.
Carol Lahman
City Attorney
Dr. Ronald Tripp
OBCE President
Dr. Tom Smith
OBCE President

Two days after filming August Joy was involved in a near fatal car accident.

Fortunately her brain & her body were in perfect communication due to the events of July 6 (the day of filming) and she was able to adapt quickly to her environment.

She survived until the medical system was unwilling to allow for the love that had saved her life to take the lead in her care.

The doctors that were in charge of her care at the time of her death were Baby Girl Dr. Tim Teske, D.O. & Dr. Daniel Washburn, M.D.

She was nearly seventeen.

"I Am ..."

"August Joy/Majestic Joy"

In loving memory and dedication to August Joy Kennedy; may you receive God's hope for you.

August 15, 1986 - end of July 2003

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