August Joy My name is August Kennedy. I am fourteen years old. I know what you must be thinking, "Yeah, yeah, her mother is doing the NSI work, she's probably going to tell us what her mother wants her to say.". WRONG! I'll tell you the truth.

See, when I was five years old I was learning how to ride my bike without training wheels. Well, I guess I turned too quickly because I fell and hit my head on the concrete road. My mom rushed me to the hospital and the doctor just sat there looking at me, while I had this bad headache! Some doctor! Ha! They sent me home with a long list of things that I might have to put up with in the future. Mom waited about a week to check me over because she wanted to wait until I got over the trauma of being hurt. She looked at me and saw that I was "out", she popped me back "in" place, and the headache went away shortly. It hurts just a little when she puts you back "in" but it's worth it because you don't have the pain afterward.

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Tragedy strikes July 8, 2003:

August was driving the grey Ford Escort above when she was hit by another car, which amounted to an insult of 1000 pounds moving at 65 miles per hour. On impact the seat she was sitting in broke free and was thrown into the passenger side of the car. She suffered major injuries. Statistically speaking we were told by the doctors that 90 per cent of all people would have died at the scene, another three per cent would not have survived the surgeries, and yet another four percent would not have lived past the first week. She made it into the three per cent survival group.

I was told that she would be different, that her personality would be changed because of the insult to her brain. Her personality was not changed and she was completely neurologically intact and answered every question put to her. I was told that she would be crippled. She could feel her whole body and could move her whole body and was healing up at an incredible pace. When I looked into the faces of the doctors I knew that they could not believe what they were seeing.

There were many errors made in August's care by both the doctors and nurses, and the more I tried to protect her and make sure that she got the proper care the worse her care got. Three weeks after the impact, after she was overmedicated on anticoagulants, and dehydrated from lack of nutritional support and vomiting because of the medication error, she died as I am begging for the antidote to the medication error and a fluid IV for hydration and nutrition. I had no prescriptive power whatsoever even though I knew and requested what she needed for survival. August was completely aware at the time she watched her doctor (Daniel Washburn, M.D.) literally quit her case and walk out on her in the critical hour, and she asked me to take her to the other hospital in town. In fact, she was insisting that she get up and walk.

As the hospital staff and its doctors made the attempt to pin August's death on me in a criminal pursuit, my sister, an emergency room nurse, came in from Washington state to champion a new cause. That cause being a major effort to hold the people responsible for August's death accountable, since after all they really had no intention to take responsibility for their actions or make any improvements on the horrific "care" that August had been provided. My sister, Earline Cox, dove head first into the medical record and proceeded to examine that record with a fine toothed comb. Earline kept saying that what they did made absolutely no sense whatsoever and repeatedly offered what should have been done at certain junctures. She kept telling me that what I had asked for was the proper course of treatment and asked me just how I knew what she needed. My answer was that I was August's mother and that I was there to try to protect her so I had done my homework and had read about the medication that she was being made to take, plus, I was actually paying attention to August. I also told Earline that regarding the "care" that August had been provided that Earline was assuming that the intention of the professionals was that August would survive. I asked Earline to suspend "reality" for just one moment and hypothesize that at least one doctor intended that August would not survive. Earline said that she just could not actually believe, based on the fact that she was a nurse, that a doctor would think that way, but in the end and realistically speaking did concede that it was the only thing that made sense based on their actions.

In the end, and long story short, the Department of Health cited St. Mary's hospital in Enid OK for nursing deficienceis and also demanded improvements of that hospital, the Joint Commission came in and demanded even more improvements of the hospital, three nurses licenses were suspended, and three doctors had internal actions taken against them by their board, and now the helicopters are finally being called in for transport to the Level One trauma hospital in the state. When we met with the Trauma Council in OKC in order to put a face on the problem a young man of about 30 something sat down next to me and asked me where we came from. When I told him Enid he responded that the Mediflight program had tried everything, even incentives, to get the professionals in Enid to call them and they had stubbornly refused. About ten days later after our return home there was a major deal being made about a new service that was being offered by the hospitals in town with a picture of a helicopter on the roof of one of those hospitals.

I took the paper into the newspaper's editor, Cindy Allen, to let her know just why the service was being provided now. She simply looked at me like I was crazy, which is not surprising, since the newspaper had jumped into the attempt to pin August's death on me.

We were able to get the wrongful death lawsuit filed at a time when legislation had been enacted that would later be found to be unconstitutional. St. Mary's hospital also paid me, an amount that I am not allowed to disclose, as a settlement. Pete Marrs, a high powered attorney in OKC, came on board to try to hold the doctors accountable for their portion of August's death, and at the time I was told that he usually did not sign on to a case with such a large offset, but quite frankly when he read the nurses notes that it really made him angry and he conceded that he had never seen anything quite like what we were forced to go through. I understand that his attempt to hold the doctors responsible and cause their malpractice insurance to pay almost took place. I was told that the doctor that would be considered to be responsible for August's diagnosis and care at the time of her death had it explained to him that he needed to settle this case by the malpractice insurance's attorney. The insurance company could not pay without the doctor's consent in a settlement attempt or a court order in a trial proceeding. Statistically, in Garfield County juries have a tendency to side with the doctors and hospitals since no one wants to believe that such "mistakes" could happen. And so, the doctor's, (Daniel Washburn, M.D.'s), ego reared its ugly head and he stubbornly refused to let his policy pay. I was later told by Pete Marrs that the settlement almost happened.

The only doctor who had absolutely no action taken against him by his board was Timothy Wayne Teske, D.O., the doctor who was actually in charge of August's "care" when she died. This is very strange since the Medical Board took actions against every single doctor that they investigated, including one who we did not even name in the lawsuit. In fact, the Osteopathic Board had to have their arm twisted pretty severely in order to even get them to do an "investigation" of Teske's "care", another very strange fact. Albeit Teske was named in the lawsuit and was deposed as well. He was also the doctor who had caused the medication overdose by doubling up on two anticoagulants and leaving no stop order when he went on vacation. Also when he should have been ordering an IV for fluids and nutrition all he did was order a three day calorie count. The day before they finally killed August with their negligence he came into August's room, (just about the only time he ever came in her room), and spoke about the fact that she had received virtually no nutrition for the last few days, that obviously the hospital food wasn't working, and told me that it was my turn to get her to eat anything. He also asked August if she would like to have her head back in place, based on the fact that I had requested certain X-rays be done to determine any possible subluxation. When she told him yes she would like that he laughed at her nervously. August then told him that I was very good at what I did and that the chiropractors would not be trying to stop me if I wasn't. And that is when he made a quick exit ... to call his board? Ultimately August was refused the necessary IV for support, when I'm begging for that support, and instead at least two doctors, (Teske, and a Michael Pontious, M.D.), moved to incriminate me in a criminal pursuit.

After the fact and looking back I realized that Teske had a motive to kill August. In fact he had made the false claim that Dr. Craton had plagiarized from osteopathy when I had provided him with Dr. Craton's unique X-ray procedures. After all, if what I say about chiropractic rings true with the people, since historically chiropractic is only a plagiarized copy of osteopathy, stolen, renamed, and redefined, if I could affect chiropractic I could also probably affect osteopathy. And I for one can believe that the "good" doctor just wasn't going to let that happen if he had anything to say about it. I do know that there was a moment in time that he was more concerned about me helping people and just how I could accomplish that, than making sure that August was cared for. He also threatened me with severing my parental rights and responsibilities even though he admitted 1) that I had caught his medication error, and 2) that he could not refute the possibility that it was Dr. Craton's work that had allowed for August to survive the initial impact to begin with.

July 22, 2003 July 23, 2003

What with the traumatic insult that she suffered in the car accident and the incredible pace with which she was healing - I mean she literally threatened to bounce off the "wrecking ball" that hit her, jump up and run out of that hospital with only a few scars to show for her experience without having to suffer the chronic pain that would affect anybody else - I truly believe that Teske had no intention of seeing that "case" survive if he had anything to say about it, especially if he would have to recognize that Dr. Craton's research was ultimately responsible for her survival, and/or her quality of life after the fact. I can imagine that he spent time in contact with his board, or worse yet, the Chiropractic Board, previous to August's death. And if he did, then any possible conspiracy to kill my only child would actually go to the level of the state, or at least someone with some kind of authority within an agency of the state. I tried to get the District Attorney to investigate this possibility and was refused yet again, and yet all it would take to make his motive plausible would be to discover if even one phone call was initiated at the time by Teske to either board. This would not have been hard to discover if any proper investigation of Teske would have taken place. All it would have taken was seeing the phone bills of St. Mary's hospital and/or Dr. Teske. Instead the City of Enid spent time and money interviewing nurses in an attempt to try to pin August's death on me. Remember, three of these same nurses would later have their licenses suspended by their board, as well as the "good" hospital eventually had to make improvements to the standards of care provided by their nursing staff.

About six months after August was killed by the negligent "care" of several nurses and at least two doctors the OBCE would finally make the false claim that I was practicing chiropractic without a license. This claim would come more than three years after they had absolutely no jurisdiction over me whatsoever in what a chiropractor would later describe to me as their own kangaroo court.

Does a conspiracy seem so strange? When I remembered that the dates on the responses that I received from both the Oklahoma Board of Osteopathic Examiners, (dated November 29, 2000), and the Attorney General's liaison for the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Eximiners, (dated November 30, 2000), were written only a day apart (after almost a month of consideration) when I first officially made my presence known to those agencies, I have to believe that there are very powerful and unscrupulous men that very possibly got away with murdering my only child.

Obviously I must know something of importance if such "authorities" would go to such an extreme to try to destroy my reputation and credibility. And now, thinking back, I do recall being told by at least one doctor in the past that I am an obvious threat to the system at large.

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