See the documentation that generated the suppression of "Red Fuzion". This whole experince is STILL based on FRAUD since Carol Lahman, the City of Enid's attorney, crafted her complaint as she did. She based her stance as if it was coming from the City of Enid itself, part of that UNOFFICIAL official business that the City of Enid apparently likes to practice. Although she should have been reprimanded in an official manner, the commission of the City of Enid ended up turning a blind eye and fell silent. They have since publicly reported that the issue of my ability to practice is not a matter for them to be involved in. I knew that from the beginning, back when they started up all their dirty politics and getting involved as they did with John Hodgden, John Hodgdenthe Ward 5 Commissioner speaking out inappropriately. I never could get him to admit in what capacity he was operating by publicly speaking out as he did, either as an attorney or as Ward 5 Commissioner. For him to act as Ward 5 Commissioner WITHOUT the City of Enid's Board of Commissioners publicly voting on such an involvement (which they did not) is unethical, AND immoral, as well as politically incorrect. By the way, Hodgden is a close friend of Dr. Timothy Teske, D.O., the lead doctor in charge of my daughter's case when she died. I hope that PEGASYS, as well as the Enid News & Eagle will come to completely understand how the apparent dictatorship works in Enid, Dr. Timothy Teske, D.O.and then, refuse to willingly allow the fostering of that apparent dictatorship. I mean after all, when a DOCTOR can pull such strings while initially hiding behind such skirts, and causing such a stir in the community while attempting to color the public against someone such as myself, who has ONLY publicly offered a doctor PREFERRED and obviously SUPERIOR health care system free to the children, those actions speak for themselves. And quite frankly, I find this extremely DISTURBING. I hope the people of the Enid community are listening, and when it comes time to step up for the truth, that they will truly become advocates for public safety, awareness, and informed consent.

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elcox writes:

Okay, maybe a third time will be the charm. I know, you guys must be afraid of how litigious those licensed medical providers can be. Guess I can't blame you with the recent activity in Enid.

I am sure there is a person who is feeling some sort of a victory here by succeeding to silence Kennedy's voice [You know who you are (Dr. Timothy Teske, D.O.)]. I am appalled at their politics and lack of integrity as they assault a woman who lost her daughter. Someone did not want Tammy to air this program because there were names listed in the program who were the primary care givers of her daughter and they are the ones who instigated the commercial complaint from the beginning. That was proven by a letter sent from the city attny to Tammy when this attny named that person as the one behind the original complaint to Pegasys. That complaint started this whole chain of events. Not unlike a chain of events that happened in the care of my niece that ended in her death. I imagine it must be interesting at the hospital (St. Mary's Regional Medical Center) these days with the ruling from the Department of Health (public record, one just needs to ask the dept of health for their ruling) as well as scrutiny from other governing bodies. I am sure that those care providers have been a part of these investigations. I hope that their colleagues are looking down their nose at them like they are attempting to at Tammy. Except that if they are taken to court they will have that amazing thing called malpractice insurance to protect them from having to feel the sting of the financial burden after being found responsible for Kennedy's daughter's death. No malpractice insurance will protect their ability to sleep at night as they ponder their responsibility in the death of this beautiful, vibrant sixteen year old woman.

elcox writes:

Sorry that the people of enid have a paper that is so frightened of the people in power in that city. I wonder what it would be like to have some real information that is not censored. Maybe the community would be able to make more informed discisions of their own. I didn't realize there was such a dictatorship set up in little old hicksville. Wow.

Tammy writes:

It's unfortunate that PEGASYS didn't look at my programming in the same light as they saw the prospect of showing the Kennedy center programming in Washington, D.C. last December. Maybe if they leave me alone long enough, my programming might find it's way to Washington, D.C. and then they would want it here. See, that's the problem, before I can submit my shows to other communities I have to first run it by the vultures in the Enid community who would so quickly and readily stop progress because they are scared of a little competition. Thought it was time for a little tongue in cheek. :o)

Lord knows, I need a good laugh.

Cindy Allen writes:


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