Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 12:50:18 EDT
Subject: Your web site

Dear Mrs. Kennedy,

There's an old saying that says: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but what's on your web site sure sounds like chiropractic principle and philosophy to me. The same philosophy that DD and BJ Palmer have expounded upon since its discovery. Maybe you should read BJ's work, specifically his Volume 18, the Subluxation Specific, the Adjustment Specific where he states that the Atlas is the great switch between God and His man. If it's not chiropractic, then why do you continue to use chiropractic terminology?

You are practicing chiropractic, plain and simple. So the question remains, why are you trying to call it something else.

Several reasons that come to mind:
1) You don't want to have to adhere to the same rules regulations that govern chiropractors.
2) You don't want to go through the education and testing requirements.
3) You don't want to be limited to what insurance pays so by calling it something else, you're not subject to payment limitations. Which is why I see you're "religious" overtones. Let's see. Maybe by calling what you do a "religion", you somehow shelter the income you receive from the IRS.

Am I getting warm yet?

You should be very careful about using the bible for personal gain. Even it says that we are to be subject to those in authority for they have been placed there by God. (Rom. 13:1-2) (This passage is from the delusional mind of Paul, who fell as Judas did. Compare: "And the woman whom you saw is the great city, which REIGNS over the kings of the earth." -- Revelation 17: 18)

Maybe you can fool John Q. Public that you're not doing chiropractic, but don't think you can fool us.

If you really want to help the profession, then go to chiropractic school, get a degree, get a license, and call yourself a chiropractor - - because that's what it is and that's what you are doing. You're not professing anything different than what I have been telling my patients for the last 20 years.

I am a chiropractor and I adjust the atlas to remove nerve interference so that the power that made the body can heal the body. And I'm PROUD of it.

Don't insult me or my profession by saying you're doing something different when you're not.


Vincent Scelfo

Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 16:38:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Tammy Kennedy"
Subject: Response

Dear Vincent

I think you answered your own question. You supposedly 'adjust' the atlas. Well you know, Mr. Doctor, you haven't done your homework, because it's not the atlas that is subluxated. Maybe you should take a closer look at my web site. But first, divorce yourself of your preconceived notions. Maybe then you'll see the truth.

It's nice to see I'm FINALLY making the scene. And no, I haven't got paid for my services, unless you count the $25 that I cleared from my trip to Tulsa as phenomenal. And as far as the 'religion' goes, I have to first apply for 501c3 status in order to protect that $25 from taxation. However, I will say that I am entitled to my support, just the same. Oh, and as far as subjecting myself to an authority, well that is simply God.

You might be able to fool you, but you can't fool me. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US!!

Thanks for your reply:)


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist

PS. I have NO intention to study under a dead and delusional science. And no, at this point I do not want to help chiropractic at all. As far as I am concerned, we are in DIRECT competition. And in the future, if you want to ask for my preferred services, I suggest you start off with an apology and some humility. I've got your number.

Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 01:00:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Tammy Kennedy"
Subject: Follow up

Hi Vincent

I was just doing a little surfing and found some information you might be interested in. I have got to say, I'm disappointed in you.

Are you sorry yet?


Concerning Indicators... wrote:

I have been Atlas Orthogonal for 8 years. This is my primary technique, although I believe that there are times when other areas of the spine need to be adjusted. For upper cervical analysis, I presently rely on supine leg check and scanning palpation. I understand the concept of the dentate ligament theory in relation to the spinothalamic tracts, etc. per Grostic/McAlpine. I also use the NCM. I know that Grostic correlates leg check with NCM. And I incorporate some muscle testing and TL of C1 (AK).

But I firmly believe that the patient's body holds the key. I believe that it can provide the answers we need to know concerning when and where to adjust. After all, these are the purpose of indicators. I'm under the assumption that the body can let us know that it requires an upper cervical adjustment through abnormal temperature differences, abnormal postural, muscle weaknesses, abnormal leg lengths, etc.

I for one will not allow myself to be closed to other possibilities. (Unless of course, the solution comes from a source other than my own profession.) This could mean the difference between life and death for a patient. (But I really don't care, unless of course, chiropractic is served.) Suppose we were locked into a certain technique that only relies on a certain indicator, e.g. NCM. If the line is straight, we say "No interference - no adjustment." But suppose that patient had a tilted head, or a muscle weakness. Does one indicator have any more importance than another? Do not nerves control motor, sensory, and trophic function?

So I'm interested in what else people are doing out there. (But again, only chiropractors need respond.) How else are you determining the patient's need to be adjusted? This has been a "pet peeve" of mine for years: always wanting to find a better way of determining when and where to adjust. (And I won't listen to anyone but another Chiropractor or my brand of Clergyman, even at my patients expense!!) I do not believe that a patient can go to 10 different DCs and each one finds and corrects 2 or 3 different subluxations. If that is true, than we are no better than MDs who continually come up with different diagnoses on the same patient. How can we say that we are any more scientific or specific than they?

Well, let me have your input. (Yes, please, let him have your input.)

Thanks Vincent F. Scelfo, D.C.

Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 10:11:27 EDT
Subject: Re: Follow up

Dear Mrs Kennedy,

No, I don't feel the need to apologize at all, since what I expressed in that letter has nothing to do with the philosophy of chiropractic, that is the removal of nerve intertference to allow the power that made the body to heal the body.

It has to do with honing down our science and making it so exact that we continue to get greater percentage of sick people well.

You see we are VERY different. I won't abandon my profession just because they happen not to accept my ideas, but I will continue to search for ways that allow me to provide more specific care and help my patients get faster, more permanent results. (But as I said above, you can't teach me anything because your NOT a chiropractor, and I don't want to hear from anyone but a fellow Comrade!)

And until you can PROVE (I'm passing the buck here.) that your procedure has gotten greater percentage of sick people well as compared to upper cervical care, which has been studied and researched more than any other technique, or any other technique for that matter, we really have nothing else to talk about. Because after all, that's the bottom line. (Blind leading the blind!?)


Vincent Scelfo

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 01:17:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Tammy Kennedy"
Subject: Re: Follow up

I'm glad you feel that way. But should you set aside your stringent demand for me to prove to you in some manner of study so you can read about it, you really aren't much different than every other doctor I have talked to who says the same. The buck must stop somewhere. And the study can be sooner than later. That's what I'm here for.


Tammy Joy
NSI Specialist

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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 02:09:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Tammy Kennedy"
Subject: Response
To: "Jay. Trennoche"

Hi Jay

Thank you so much for your letter. It has brought up my spirits. I would just like to say that I didn't mean that the agitative letter that I received came from the Moderators, and I apologize if it came across that way.

With that said, I would like to reassure you that I have no intention to be so aggressive. I have just had an incredibly horrible time in trying to keep Grandpa's work alive. I am next to starving, and with no support of my own. I have essentially been raped by doctors in the past, and I guess you could say I've been traumatized. The other fields that you have mentioned, including the religious organizations are no better. I've run the gamut, and usually I can't even get the opportunity to practice my art without giving it up for free. I'm tired, that's all.

I ran across your page two years ago now while doing a search for Nerve Signal Interference and found Grandpa's extremely small niche on the web. He didn't even know he was out there. I spent the next year learning the HTML code in order to present his work in the format that you have seen. After I had the site posted I wrote the staff asking for them to give me a link from Grandpa's name and technique listing. The request on your page, was as it was, and I figured that you would want to update his information. (I need to correct you here. His work is not Nerve Signal Interference. It is Nerve Signal Interference Removal.)

Since he had taken the next step in the evolutionary process I thought that others might want to join in. I got no response, and no acknowledgment. It's like I was talking to a brick wall, which I really have gotten use to by now. Yes, I'm angry. I'll admit it. But that's because it takes money to survive today. If I had just a little support I wouldn't be so desperate.

I would like to honor your request and tell more about his work as to assessment and technique. But, it is so simple that these doctors out there would steal it from me and try to take it for themselves. At least that is what has happened so far. I realize that there are other techniques, and other doctors that have striven to do what Grandpa has done. But, I tell you that there is not one chiropractor of great merit in my area. And when I ran up against the wall of opposition in the state, even though I knew that they held Grandpa's efforts in such high regard, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I think by now you understand where I am coming from. All I want is to be able to practice and help people without being seen through the eyes of fear. His work is miraculous, plain and simple. If you would be willing to consider helping me to find a clientele, and hopefully an income, I would be most grateful. I know that is out of the ordinary. But simply, I don't have the resources to keep giving and giving, and get absolutely nothing but heart ache in return.

I hope we can benefit each other in the future, for I am a very generous spirit.


Tammy Joy
NSI Specialist

PS. Thanks again for your reply.

From: "Jay. Trennoche"
To: "Tammy Kennedy"
Subject: Re: Response
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 06:54:48 -1000

Tammy, you must charge a nominal fee. Certainly you have a low overhead w/out x-ray, and employees. If you started at $10 per person and you are getting the results you say the method accomplishes, then referrals will occur...but keep your head low and not stir up the hornets' nest of chiros. We need you out there and you need to charge for your service. NSIR Specialist sounds really cool, you should make up some cards and have them ready to disperse...2 at a time.

From this day on start now...$10 per session, hopefully an NSIR session is only a few minutes in duration. If you got to where you were seeing 20 people a day that's $200 dollars. Then raise your fee to $15 and you are making $300/day. Is that enough to live on.

Remember the crappiest of chiros keep them coming back by giving the patients a few minutes and few words of encouragement...and a crappy service. If you do the same w/out all the explanations...but w/ a good service w/ results... you can and will get there.

Your web page for a scientific approach to health like NSIR may lean a little too much to the religious side which may steer people away. Though Oklahoma is in the Bible Belt, right? So I may be wrong there. Out in the West and Hawaii religion is kept out of the picture other than we all know that God is important and the one who runs all nervous systems. But mixing the 2 entities is not a really cool overlap. But that is your decision.

If you have testimonials from your patients/clients/alignees...that would be cool. Show some more spinal stuff. I really saw sooo little spinal stuff I was wondering what the NSIR work is all about. I could see no UpC stuff from your writings other than you said the top and bottom of the spine in so many words. More specificity...don't be afraid to tell what the method is to others, so what if they "steal it"; let them...good will come back to you. But there is no need to go out and try to sell it as you did to some chiros, I think you said, by offering to go into their clinics and help them...for $.

Back off and start today...$10...get results...get referrals. Do it out of your house and let it grow day by week by month...for overhead but the phone and the business cards and telling people about their spine, nervous system, and health.

Just do it...


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