I have been watching for "the doctor in Tulsa's" web site and have just now found that it is up and ready to go. He has done a good job and it looks really nice. I noticed that his fees have changed and wondered if he was able to do anything with Grandpa's work. I've also felt the need to call since I haven't heard from him. My question was if he was using the work and to what extent.

I'm a little shocked, but I guess I knew about this possibility. He said that he really wasn't using the work because it wasn't as professional as what he was used to. He said that he preferred to use his adjusting table and didn't like the idea of using the floor. He did admit though that he was using the work in a crisis situation, and that he was able to use the technique on kids using the adjusting table and his knee for the contact. Generally we use the heel of the foot as a contact; but I did show him the variation that he mentioned with the knee. The problem is that the equipment that is in use isn't adequate for our work. I have managed to adjust another doctor's innominate while using his adjusting table, but it was quite the balancing act. Funny even, I was precariously perched on my knee while holding on to his leg for stability about three feet off the ground, and almost fell. Fortunately I've been doing this for a while:)

Unfortunately out of the six people that I had seen, "the doctor in Tulsa" tells me that four hadn't been able to detect a noticeable difference. Two, he claims were able to see a difference for about two weeks. One of them was the gentleman mentioned on the preceding page, and the other was suffering from sciatica. Actually I am pleased that this man got any results at all. Usually sciatica takes about six months to affect. But as I have mentioned, "the doctor in Tulsa" claims that he is not using the work. So I really don't feel that he can judge accurately as to whether or not it would be able to affect these cases permanently or not. As I said back in June, "I can only set the joint; I can't heal the body, and that takes time, and is done by the body itself.". Also, don't forget that these people were his problem cases. I must say that I am glad that I didn't know that fact until after I had done my job. I don't know if I would have been as optimistic when I was there. I Am the eternal dreamer!

I am also aware that "the doctor in Tulsa" was able to learn from me. The major difference between what we do and what is being done by the chiropractic institute, is that we correct the subluxations just above and just below the spine, while the chiropractors are addressing the spine itself without considering the joints just above and just below. They have NOT been aware that the abnormal spinal curvature is only a compensation. However, "the doctor in Tulsa" is now aware of the truth. I believe that; in fact, I know it. It is possible that he is trying to create a more professional looking technique from the basics that I have taught him. And I will say, that because his fees have changed (2 to 3 days = $700 to $900; 5 days = $2500; weekly = $1700), my eyebrow goes up just a little, and I wonder.

NOTE: The 5 day and weekly fees have been on a steady increase. The 5 day fee started out at $2300 by Christmas 2000, moved to $2400 by the end of January 2002, and is now $2500. The weekly fee started out at $1500 by Christmas 2000, moved to $1600 by the end of January 2002, and is now $1700. His 2 to 3 day fee did decrease from a $950 cap by Christmas 2000, to a $900 cap by January 2002. Also, just because he is charging the larger fees does not mean that he has spent any time studying with me except for that afternoon back in June 2000. And, he is NOT qualified to be, NOR titled as, a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist.

May 26, 2002

April 2001

I just got off the phone with "the doctor in Tulsa". It is truly unfortunate that he has elected to behave in the manner that he has set before me; but since he has, the following is only one more story to tell.

He had called informing me of his legal and emotional position on my presentation of his web site. He said that I had presented the information in such a way as to imply that he approved of my technique. He also said in so many words, that my presentation could detract from his business. He claimed that he was not using the work and said that he had been taught previously about such adjusting techniques. I asked him if that was the case then why was his, his wife's, and his receptionist's occiputs and innominates already subluxated when I got to Tulsa. I reminded him that I had positioned the mentioned joints for all three of them and asked him why, if he knew so much, did this happen. He claimed that because he had me in there, he as a doctor would not ask his clientele to be subjected to something that he himself would not endure. NOTE: I had already adjusted 5 out of the 6 people from outside the clinic previous to assessing "the doctor in Tulsa's" physical condition. AND it can be argued that "the doctor in Tulsa" used these cases to be sure that I knew enough to adjust him.

There was more to the conversation and yes I was upset (just one more obstacle to deal with). I told him that he had dishonored me and even taken from me because he had not carried through on his word. (Previous to my assessing his physical condition I had told him that I hadn't planned on working on him, the DOCTOR, and asked that the fee be left open. He agreed, and I had a whole five minutes to do my work before the next client arrived.) After I had seen the last gentleman from outside the clinic, "the doctor in Tulsa" made a quick exit and left to go get his kids. I figured that he would be honest and increase the fee for his adjustment so I didn't push the point. Upon collecting my check for the afternoon "the doctor in Tulsa" had NOT differentiated between the fees, but I figured that I would let it slide since I am that kind of a person:)

I trusted him in error:(

Today he informed me that doctors had a code of ethics that colleagues were free, and that they essentially scratched each others backs, so to speak. I'm paraphrasing. He said that I had actually gotten more than what I was entitled to in collecting the $15. I had already told him that I wouldn't have asked for more than his full fee ($30) when he slapped me in the face with that one. I'm shocked!! I'm also appalled!!! And for the record books I swear to all who are out there, that I will NOT work on one more doctor for less than what I am entitled to. Craton is the one who decided the value of what I do, and until a DOCTOR can scratch my back as I can scratch his, I will not accept a penny less than five million dollars. Do you think I'm delusional Kent? I'd like to see you try to drag another adjustment out of me! The FACT is .... that I simply won't do it for anything less:) Go ahead, check with your lawyer and get back to me on that one!

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