The Measuring Rod ...

"The doctor in Tulsa" welcomed me into his clinic on June 21, 2000 as you can see from the preceding page. And, I was finally allowed to compare Grandpa's work with what the chiropractors were doing in a clinical setting.

I did not get the contact information for these people and am curious as to the REAL results of my services. I do not trust the doctor to inform me properly due to his nature. If you are one of the 'six people from the real world that came to see me' or know who any of these people are, would you please contact me in order to allow me the opportunity to know the results of Grandpa's method over time.
The only thing I have for names is: Rodney M., D. Rorex, B. Rorex, S. Egli, J. Nelson, & S. Love.

There were six people from the real world that came to see me that day. I had hoped to affect a mere 50%, a good measure in any clinical study. These people were used as a gauge, in order to try and set Grandpa's work apart from the rest of the techniques performed by chiropractors. In the end, every single one of them could tell that the work was dramatically different than what they were used to. And miraculously, every single one of them left knowing that there was something different with their bodies, a good thing.

I had told "the doctor in Tulsa" previous to my arrival that if he wanted to understand the difference sufficiently, to bring me the people who had not been under chiropractic care for years. I explained to him that the children would be the best measure. He had told me that he didn't see many kids but he did have one man who was 35 and had been hurt in the last year. I agreed that he would be the ultimate measuring rod.

When this man came in that afternoon, he shook my hand and introduced himself as a 'professional chiropractic patient'. He said that he had seen one, two, three, and four ("the doctor in Tulsa") chiropractors in the last year, which by the way, June 21, happened to be the anniversary date of his injury. He explained that if what I had was different, he would be able to tell me so.

The rainbow-covered lodge.

I fixed him up, and the results were so incredible that he began to test himself right away. He got down on the floor to exercise, first one way and then another. He told me that he couldn't do the things that he was now able to do only moments ago. He stood up and shook my hand more than once, a big smile on his face. He said that he was SO GLAD to have met me, and that he wanted to be a chiropractor himself. I smiled and said that was nice, but that Grandpa had thrown out what the chiropractic schools had taught him, and that I was there to make sure that his work didn't perish upon his death.

"The doctor in Tulsa" had his renaissance as Grandpa puts it. I remember him telling one of the clients that afternoon, "Top and bottom.", in reference to the truth of the body. He told me before he left that he would definitely be in touch. The next day I was told that the people I had seen were "the doctor in Tulsa's" problem cases and that they wanted to see just how long the results would last. Again I was reassured that I would be hearing from them. And I left Tulsa with a hope that would not soon fail.

Upon leaving his office the day before, I explained to the receptionist that it was ludicrous for anyone to assume that if he was able to do anything with Grandpa's work that he should continue to receive the fees that he was presently charging. I told her that he wouldn't be able to survive for the mere $30 a treatment that he was getting, and that he would be able to collect fees in the range of $2500. I also said that it would be money well spent by their patients. (Of course at that time, I WAS expecting for us to work together in bringing Grandpa's work to the world; after all, I had been promised that they would be in touch.)

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