Here is our alphabetical list of Chiropractic techniques, so far...

Could the doctors and students who may be familiar with any of these techniques listed below please address any of the following Q's re: the techniques and their innovators...

1.)  Is the technique: Full Spine (FS) or Upper Cervical (upC) or Cranial (Cr) or Soft Tissue (ST) or ?? (?)
2.)  the full name of the tech innovator(s)
3.)  the tech innovator's whereabouts
4.)  whether living or deceased
5.)  e-mail address,
6.)  US mail address
7.)  phone (fax) numbers
8.)  Chiropractic school attended
9.) Year graduated
10.) Can you give us the name and other information on any other techniques not currently on this list?

Please respond by e-mailing to  (Upper Cervical Techniques Page's input)

or (Full Spine Techniques Page's input)

Thank you,

the moderators



Access Seminars Weigant and Bloomenthal
Activator Technique   (FS) Fuhr, Arlen; Lee, Warren
Alternative Chiropractic Adjustments Wiehe, Robert
Applied Chiropractic Distortion Analysis Kotheimer, William
Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering (FS) Aragona, Ron
Applied Kinesiology  (FS) Goodheart, George; Walters;Schmitt; Thie, John
Aquarian Age Healing Hurley, John
Arnholzt Muscle Adjusting  (FS) Arnholtz, Walter W.
Atlas Orthogonality Technique  (upC) Sweat, Roy; Atlanta, Ga.
Atlas Specific  (upC) Wernsing, A.A. (deceased)


Bandy Seminars Bandy
Bio Kinesiology Barton
Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique - BEST Morter, M.T.
Bioenergetics Broeringmeyer, Richard
Biomagnetic Technique Stoffels, Herman; Borham; Broeringmeyer, Richard
Blair Upper Cervical Technique  (upC) Blair
Bloodless Surgery Lorenz; Failor, Ralph; DeJarnette, Major
Body Integration Espy
Buxton Technical Course of Painless Chiropractic Buxton, A.G.A.

Chiroenergetics Kimmel, Edwin H.
Chiro Plus Kinesiology   (FS) Dowty
Chirometry Quigly
Chiropractic Concept Prill, Clarence
Chiropractic Spinal Biophysics  (FS) (upC) Harrison, Don
Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (FS) DeJarnette, Major B.
Chiropractic  Neuro-Biomechanical Analysis ?
CHOK-E System ?
Chrane Condylar Lift    (upC) Chrane; in Texas
Clinical Kinesiology     (FS) Beardall, Alan G.
Collins Method of Painless Adjusting Collins, Frederick W.
Columbia Technique   (FS) NYCC?
Concept Therapy           (FS) Fleet, Thurman; Dill
Cox Lumbar Distraction (FS) Cox, James; Markey; Leander; Hill, Tom
Cranial Technique       (Cr) DeJarnette; Goodheart, D.
Craniopathy                (Cr)  Cottam, Nephi P.

Diversified Beatty, Homer; Bonyun, Joseph;  Carver; Crawford; DiGiacomo, Frank P.;Frank; Grecco; Lebeau, Logan;Metzinger; Reinhart, Otto C.; States, Alfred; Stonebrink, Richard; Stierwalt
Directional Non-Force Technique - DNFT  (FS) Van  Rumpt, Richard; Johns


Endo-Nasal Technique   (Cr) Gibbons, Walter; Lake, Thomas; Broeringmeyer, Richard
Extremity Technique (Ext) Burns; Grecco; Christenson; Geartler; Hearon; Malley; Schawn


Focalizer Spinal Recoil Stimulus Reflex Effector Technique George, Phillip
Freeman Chiropractic Procedure Freeman
Fundamental Chiropractic Ashton, Ray


Global Energetic Matrix Babinet
Gonstead Technique      (FS)  Gonstead, Clarence(deceased)
Grostic Technique   (upC) Grostic, John F. (deceased) Cox brothers, Mt. Horeb, WI

Herring Cervical Technique Herring
HIO - Hole in One Palmer, B.J
Holographic Diagnosis and Treatment Franks; Gleason
Howard System Howard, Frank


Kale Technique  (upC) Kale, Michael U.
Keck Method of Analysis Keck, W. Frederick
King Tetrahedron Concept King, Wallace

Laney Technique    (upC) Laney, Cecil B.
Lemond Brain Stem Technique Lemond
Life Technique Life Chiropractic College
Logan Basic Technique  (FS) Logan, Hugh B.; Coggins, William

Master Energy Dynamics Bartlett
Mawhinney Scoliosis Technique (FS) Mawhinney, R.B.
McTimody Technique McTimody
Mears Technique Mears
Meric  Technique System      (FS) Cleveland, C.S.; Palmer, B.J.; Loban, J.M.; Forster, A.L.; Riley, J.S.
Micromanipulation Young
Motion Palpation  (FS) Gillet, Henry; Faye, John
Muscle Palpation  (FS) Spano
Muscle Response Testing (FS) Lepore; Fishman, Grinims
MusculoSkeletal Synchronization and Stabilization Technique   (FS) Krippenbrock
Myofascial Technique (FS) ?

Nasal Specific    (Cr) Stober, Richard (deceased)
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Removal [Technique was defined in the 1980's but since the chiropractic institute refused to teach it in 1990 it is now legally established by Craton's granddaughter in 2001 as a separate field distinct from chiropractic.] Craton, Earl Franklin, D.C., Ph.C. & original Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist
NerVerteBraille      (FS) Araujo
Network Chiropractic    (FS) Epstein
Neuro Emotional Technique   (FS) Walker
Neuro Organizational Technique   (FS) Ferrari, Carl
Neuro Lymphatic Reflex Technique Chapman
Neuro Vascular Reflex Technique Bennet
Nimmo Receptor Tonus Technique    (FS) Nimmo
NUCCA Technique    (upC) Gregory, Ralph (deceased); Hdqrtrs in Monroe, MI; Berti, Albert R.; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Olesky 21st Century Technique Olesky, I.H.
Orthospinology    (upC) Grostic, John D. (deceased)
Ortman Technique Ortman

Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics (FS)  (upC) Pettibon, Burl; Vancouver, Wa.
Pierce-Stillwagon Technique (FS) Pierce, Walter V. (deceased); Stillwagon, Glenn, Pennsylvania
Posture Imbalance Patterns Sinclaire
Perianal Postural Reflex Technique ???
Polarity Technique ?
Pure Chiropractic Technique Morrheim


Reaver's 5th Cervical Key   (FS) Reaver, Pierce
Receptor Tonus Technique  (FS) Nimmo
Riddler Reflex Technique Riddler

SOT - Sacro Occipital Technique (FS) DeJarnette, Major B.
Soft Tissue Orthopedics (ST) ?
Somatosynthesis Rees
Spears Painless System Spears, Leo
Specific Majors     (FS) Nemiroff, Harry
Spinal Stress (Stressology)  (FS) Ward, Lowell
Spinal Touch Technique Rosquist, W. Lamar
Spondylotherapy Forester, Arthur; Riley, Joe
Sutter Upper Cervical Technique Sutter, Max; Sutter, Ted

Thompson Terminal Point Technique  (FS) Thompson, J. Clay (deceased); Stucky, Joe; Mitchell
Tiezen Technique Tiezen
Toftness Technique (FS)   (upC) Toftness, I.N.; Toftness, David
Toggle Recoil Technique     (upC) Palmer, B.J., (D)
Top Notch Visceral Techniques Portelli, Marcellino
Tortipelvis / Torticollis Barge, Fred
Touch for Health Thie, John
Total Body Modification Frank
Truscott Technique Truscott, Leon
Torque Release Technique Holder, Jay


Ungerank Specific Low Force Technique Ungerank

Variable Force Technique Leighton
Von Fox Combination Technique Von Fox

Zimmerman Technique Zimmerman
Zindler Reflex Technique Zindler

In addition, can any of you explain these techniques? Are all of these
techniques actually chiropractic techniques or are some considered adjunctive
therapies, developed by chiropractors?

We can get to the basics of all these techs if people will cooperate and contribute
...from each there is something to be learned.

Are there other techs out there that are not on this list? Please e-mail us the names
of the developers and whatever you know about the technique.

Are some of these techniques the eclectic use of others and which others
were they derived from? We all want to learn more about ourselves and the work we do.

Can many of these techs be combined to form one all-encompassing technique,
either Full Spine or Upper Cervical, that will combine the best and the most
objective aspects of the many, and be distilled down to a few, or even to one?

This web site provides a chance for all of us to learn from one another and
to advance ourselves and the Chiropractic community.

This list will continue to develop as a permanent part of the Table of
Contents of the Full Spine chiro tech site at,
and the Upper Cervical chiro tech site at .


As we receive more input, readers will be able to click on any of these techs and see
what threads, Q's/A's, discussions, ideas, advancements, web site basic
courses, seminars, etc. have grown from the particular technique.

Thanks... from the Moderators.

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