Robert Milacek
State Capitol
Room 512
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

January 23, 2001

Dear Senator

I am writing to follow up on our telephone conversation from earlier today. I have since spoken to Sandy as you suggested and am following her advice in this letter. If there are any holes in my presentation please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to help in any way that I can.

History and Background

I will start with a brief history of my background in the new field of Nerve Signal Interference Removal. In 1988 I had the need to travel from Wichita, Kansas to Fort Worth, Texas in order to receive Grandpa's help. I couldn't turn my head to the right at all and was suffering from headaches, stiff neck, and back pain. He turned me straight around to head back to work after only a couple of hours of my arrival with my feet on the road to recovery.

Later that year I moved to Texas and began to learn his work. I could see that he had struggled for many years in trying to get the chiropractic authority to change their ways. I knew that if I didn't learn his art that it would die with him and I couldn't let that happen.

Twelve years later I have done the things that chiropractor's only dream of, and I am fully aware of why I can get the results that I do.

Grandpa's background began in 1925 when he graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Upon his retirement he had accumulated over 70 years of training and success stories. The real beauty of his evolved technique was that he could get the results when the chiropractors, osteopaths, and other doctors had already failed.

On Technique and the Difference from Chiropractic Method

The chiropractic science is dealing with what they call a vertebral subluxation or vertebral subluxation complex. The existence of the latter term is an attempt to broaden the scope of chiropractic understanding. There has been a dissension among the chiropractic camp for decades now, and probably started with the publication of Grandpa's own literature in the chiropractic journals. That fragmenting of ideals is at the core of what chiropractic is. I have seen it myself in a report from the Consumer's Digest. The article said that the chiropractors couldn't even get together on what they were dealing with. Some stood by their belief in the vertebral subluxation and others came straight out and said that this condition didn't even exist.

The truth is that the spine is affected but the abnormal curvature is only a compensation for another problem elsewhere. The spinal column is designed to act as a shock absorber. There is a series of twenty four bony vertebrae that are each cushioned by a soft pillow called the intervertebral disc. There is a design flaw in the joints directly above and below this column that allows for a partial dislocation or subluxation of the sacro-iliac or pelvis, and also the occipital condyles or base of the head. God created us this way in order to strengthen societal ties. For example there are no muscles that can correct the position of these joints and so an outside force is necessary to fix the problem, hence help from our neighbors and family. It is unfortunate that this design has so far weakened society and not brought us together as it was meant to.

Grandpa is the discoverer of the truth mentioned directly above. His technique was designed to focus on correcting the reason for the compensation. And when he was finally able to divorce himself from the idea of the vertebral subluxation, which he tells me took him ten years, he was able to create a lasting impact on his client's health. Of course he couldn't heal the body, but he could allow the body to begin to heal, which can take time.

His fee schedule changed and he began to provide a complete service for his patient's money. He forsook the collection of the fee for the return office visit and instead empowered the client with the opportunity for health. Upon his retirement he was collecting anywhere from $2500 to $5000 before the first adjustment. His patients were forced to come up with the money themselves since the insurance game wouldn't allow for those types of fees, but were glad to suffer the loss in order to have the chance to begin the healing process. This money covered as much as eighteen months of repeat office visits in order to check on this healing process. He did not repeatedly adjust the injured joint unless there was evidence that it had slipped out of place again. Grandpa tells me that many a time it only took one adjustment and over the course of time the body did the rest.

I need to explain here that if a subluxation of the occiput exists it is only in one direction. There are actually four different possibilities for an inaccurate positioning of the head. They are:

          1) Right, clockwise
          2) Left, clockwise
          3) Right, counter-clockwise
          4) Left, counter-clockwise.

For example, the head cannot be both right and left of center at the same time, or rotated both clockwise and counter-clockwise at once.

In contrast to the above scenario the chiropractors are 'adjusting' the head and neck in both directions. As a personal example: my husband went to a chiropractor only to have him crack his neck one way and then the other. The result was a splitting headache. This method is not specific and even dangerous and I have heard about chiropractors putting their clients in comas with this technique. It is called the Krane (spelling?) condyle lift and it is designed to move the atlas underneath the head while the patient is lying in a supine position.

Our method is to first assess which way the head has slipped and then to pull the head from its subluxated position back to center. This is done while the client is sitting upright which allows gravity to help stabilize the move. The head is also readily accessible from this position and can be moved easily. Once the head is properly balanced on top of the spinal column any compensation in the neck is eagerly reversed by the body. Also it is possible to have a subluxated pelvis or innominate in relation to the sacrum. If and when this happens it is usually one side or the other. On occasion both sides have been known to rotate off of the sacrum which is very painful. Our method is again to assess which way if at all the pelvis has rotated, and then to force this large bone back into a proper articulation with the sacrum.

The chiropractors are focussing instead on trying to position the bottom lumbar vertebra in relation to the sacrum or at best they are trying to position the sacrum in relation to the innominate or pelvis. This method of positioning the sacrum does not make a lot of sense when you consider the architectural design of this joint. The technique is actually working against itself because it isn't the sacrum that is partially out of place. And, any method that attempts to position the sacrum in relation to the pelvis is starting on the wrong side of the problem. After all, it is the pelvis that has rotated off of the sacrum.

Regarding Insurance Payments (Written to Senator Robert Milacek, dated January 23, 2001)

Several years ago I contacted Dr. Frank Kampschroeder in Enid, Oklahoma. I went to him with the hope of being able to interest him in learning Grandpa's technique. My initial question was if he had ever heard of Dr. Earl Franklin Craton. His response was a wide eyed, "Yes!". I then asked him where he had heard about Grandpa and found that the legislative body of the state had spoken of him and even gone so far as to tell Dr. Kampschroeder that if he ever got the chance to learn his work to jump on it.

Dr. Kampschroeder has recently conceded to me that he would be willing to allow me to revamp his clinic, but he wanted me to do it for free. I told him that I had to pay my bills and needed an income. He asked me how much. I told him that we were speaking about time; I figured six months to a year to set him straight, and quoted him the price of $10,000. His response was that I was suffering from delusions of grandeur. I told him, "No, because I was Craton's representative.". Let me ask you. Was I suffering from delusions of grandeur to think that I could walk into an established doctor's office without a license and totally change his practice, and he be willing to let me, without payment?

This new understanding of how the body works and the methods required to correct the true subluxations is now more than 35 years old. Grandpa was able to accept insurance payments for this new method for many years. That is until he realized he was going to go broke in the process. Then he established the fee schedule mentioned earlier. When you consider the magnitude of payments that are being made in order to keep a person coming back for more it is ludicrous to imagine not paying his minimal fees. I have seen in the past over $10,000 being paid over the course of ten months just to keep a person sick and in need of repeated therapy. The end of the line entailed surgery and the related expense, which could have been avoided altogether.

Regarding the Chiropractic Board Meetings

I was finally invited to attend the January 19 Board meeting. They had to invite me or accept my qualifications as a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist. I am enclosing my letter that prompted their invitation. Dr. Chambers, the Executive Director of the Board, apparently has to answer to a higher authority, and I believe that he thought he actually had a foot to stand on. When I arrived at the building where their meeting was to take place, it was obvious that I was not welcome there. They deliberately tried to divert me to the top floor while the meeting was to take place in the basement. Fortunately I'm smarter than they assumed and I found them anyway.

Once the meeting began and I was invited to stand and speak I told them that the vertebral subluxation that they believed in so strongly was nothing more than a compensation for another problem elsewhere. The man who sat in the central position of the table that was facing the audience and I exchanged several remarks and he was prepared to let me go. Dr. Chambers chimed in at this point trying to sway his opinion, but failed. I was told that if they received any complaints that Mr. Jenny would need to contact me again and I enthusiastically said that was fine with me, but told them not to hold their breath. I am enclosing the reports for my web site on this issue since there is more detail to the story. I am also enclosing Grandpa's pamphlet publications for your viewing. I have yellow highlights on the pertinent information that the chiropractic authority failed to mention at the meeting.

Looking back on his documentation, I must laugh and realize that Grandpa had already tanned their butt previous to my arrival. This is the same documentation that Dr. Russell Anderson cried, "Mine!", to. Apparently we are further beyond their experience than I realized previously. And at this point, I feel that it would be a safe statement to say that the new art is at least two hundred years ahead of this time period. Please help me to see that it flourishes in the year 2001.

I need to know if there is an open meeting law in the state and exactly what that means. I also need to know about #17 on the enclosed copy of the Board's agenda. I am concerned that they might actually begin to know how to talk about the things that I know already, but would fail to change their technique in the process. They are refusing to be educated properly in what they should know already and have on more than one occasion tried to pick my brain for free.

My Request

I need to know what I am lacking in order to be able to accept insurance payments as a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist. I am currently the only authority in this science since Grandpa is now 98 years old. Grandpa has told me that he collected insurance payments from ten to fifteen years previous to his official retirement in 1983. Since that time he created the new fee schedule that I have already mentioned. He also said that by 1959 he was doing the new work. So, insurance has already paid for the new technology. Now, all that needs to be done is to transfer that payment into the proper field. I would be willing to be contractually obligated to certain payment caps per year. I would never ask for more than $2500 for the first calendar year of service. After that I would never ask for more than $1000 annually. Try getting that agreement out of the chiropractors, I understand that Dr. Thomas Smith is bringing in $40,000 per month. His techniques are also dangerous and I am aware that he has already put one woman into a coma.

Also, I vehemently wish to see the demise of the chiropractic institute, not only in Oklahoma but in the world. It is unfortunate that it must come to this, but Grandpa's endeavor to illuminate this body has now become a personal matter with me. I have not enjoyed what he had, and am in a state of complete financial chaos. You can't imagine what it is like to possess the knowledge that I have only to experience fear and negativity when I offer my talent to those who need me. Try making a living from it in the current state of the world, and the experience can drive a person to a state of madness.

I am still sane, but I am also rightfully angry. I can prove that the fundamental aspect of chiropractic thought and methodology is in error. This information came from no less than a chiropractor who was not prepared to accept the failures of his profession. I am more than prepared and willing to bring down the chiropractic institute. The American Medical Association tried to do this years ago but were lacking the needed information that would do the job. I however, am educated in the missing piece of the puzzle.


Tammy Kennedy
316 Seventh Street
Kremlin, OK 73753
(580) 874-4461

PS. I am in the process of moving. My new address will be Route 1, Box 87, Fairmont, OK 73736. I do not currently have an order for the new phone line, but you can get a message through to me at (580) 242-0679. Ask for Yvonne Kennedy.


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Mailed: January 25, 2000
Delivered: January 26, 2000
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