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Now is the time for you to stand up and be counted. Please voice your opinion regarding the preceding pages or any video that you may have seen that brought you here. In doing so, you hold the power to make a real difference on this rock that we call Earth. Take a stand for freedom, the freedom to choose your own personal healing path!

My representatives that I have been speaking with recently about the necessary step of shutting down the chiropractors since they have obviously failed to even define themselves adequately are listed below. These men are needing to hear from other concerned citizens about the possibility of doctors being allowed to run rampant without any true accountability to public safety, (one such case is clearly shown above). After all, when we have doctors doing whatever they choose without first being properly trained in methods that they may just now be beginning to experiment with because I have been so vocal about their continued shortcomings throughout the years, we definitely have a problem with transparency and accountability. And we most certainly should not be willingly allowing for that type of a problem to exist in any healing art. If they are shut down then they would have the necessary incentive to finally raise their standards. At that point they should be willing to admit to their previous errors and open their hearts and their minds to the possibility of responsibly letting me teach them what they have not been willing to accept for more than fifty years. These representatives just need to know that there are more regular citizens paying attention to this matter than there are doctors who would suppress the information; in their eyes, that ultimately means votes.

Roland Pederson & Chad Caldwell

If you wish to speak to your own representatives about the possibility of bringing me into your area you can locate those representatives here. Be sure to let them know where you found the information that spurs your request. Most definitely I would like to be approached by Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida, or Governor Greg Abbott from Texas! I am however, open to anyone who contacts me about finally solving this problem officially. I will not however, be taking any so-called "vaccine" that is supposed to protect against Covid. I already have my natural immunity and I definitely do not intend on compromising that gift from God. In my case, the risk(s) definitely outweigh(s) any supposed benefit.

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