Shhh... Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting Chiropractors!

Inside the Hilton I approached the front desk to inquire the whereabouts of the Chiropractic Board meeting. The gentleman referred to a clipboard behind the desk and sent me to Room #925. He told me to take the elevator to the top floor; the meeting would be all the way to the end of the hall.

When I arrived at the designated location the door was closed and locked. Frankly, I had expected to find a group of people in suits meandering and conversing previous to the upcoming event. I paced the floor like a caged lion, nervous and confused about what I had found. But, since I was early I figured maybe they hadn't arrived yet. So I waited. After a bit, I told my husband that we needed to go downstairs to get the time.

In line, waiting at the front desk, a gentleman was kind enough to tell me that it was 6:50. We still had ten minutes before the meeting started so I found a spot to sit down. I ended up across from the hotel's bar; inside there was a couple of men in suits sitting at the front counter and knocking a few back. I figured that I was witnessing my opponent getting ready for my debut. I also saw several different people in suits enter the hotel and head straight downstairs. I figured that these people were the arriving chiropractors, but thought it strange that they were headed downstairs. So I considered another meeting taking place.

My husband then noticed a monitor around the corner from the bar. It listed the times and locations of the different meetings the hotel had scheduled. The Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners were to meet in the Oklahoma Ball Room from 3:00 to 10:00 pm. So I went back upstairs to the location that I was given. This time I knocked on the door ... nothing. Previously I had been aware that the room had a title, but hadn't paid much attention to it. This time I had come to learn the name of that room. It was NOT the Oklahoma Ball Room. So, I turned around and went back downstairs. This time when I approached the desk I asked the location of the Oklahoma Ball Room and mentioned the information from the television monitor in the lobby. I also said that the information that I had gathered was inconsistent and wanted to know why. The woman said that the clipboard had their latest information, and that is why I was told Room #925, but that the Oklahoma Ball Room was downstairs. I told her that I would check it out, and if I didn't find them that I would be back:)

On my way downstairs I told my husband that they had me on a wild goose chase. But once there, I found what I had expected from the beginning, a bunch of suits outside the meeting hall, meandering and conversing. I stepped inside the door and asked a gentleman at the snack table if this was indeed the Chiropractic Board Meeting. He said that it was and directed me toward their agenda. I then found a seat at the back of the room and waited.

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