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Valuation of Services:

Case: $2,500

Covers assessments and correction of subluxations of the atlanto-occipital and sacro-iliac joints, acupressure work to eliminate tonoplast formation, and suggestions for lifestyle, dietary and exercise regimen for a time period of from six months to two years based on client's need for continued observation and supervision on their path to health.

This methodology deals with all three aspects (physical, chemical, & psychological) of nerve signal interference and allows for the body to heal and regenerate itself.

Valuation breakdown:

Assessments = Free.

Correction of atlanto-occipital joint original experience = $500.
Correction of sacro-iliac joint original experience = $500.

Follow-up corrections $50 per joint.

Use of the CLRD (cartilage ligament rehabilitation device designed for the atlanto-occipital joint) = $10 per visit.

Tonoplast removal/acupressure therapy = $20 per half hour.

Advice on lifestyle, diet, and exercise = Free.

- or -

You may receive our membership package [$150 monthly or less, this pledge is based on financial standing] in order to better manage the value of our services. This payment can be likened to an insurance policy except that it only covers our services. This plan has the ability to avoid the so-called 'expertise' of the medical professions in that once the reason why the body does not heal itself is removed, health returns through God's gift inside of us.

If you truly cannot afford the monetary expense then at this time you may become one of our "angels of mercy". Simply, we are willing to give if we are able to receive. We need "voices for change" in order to affect public policy and orchestrate the needed improvements inside the medical fields. You may contact us in order to learn more.

Freedom is not free!

This page is keeping with American law and tradition in that if one serves as an employee then that person is ENTITLED to receive just compensation from their employer, and, my First Amendment right to the freedom of speech should not be usurped. I should point out though that I have been attacked for this stance and have been condemned by the city of Enid's Public Access Television station in that my programming has been pulled from the air because I had dared to provide the information that I had a committment to the children and stood by a decision to offer my services completely free of charge on the behalf of minors. The PEGASYS programming committee subsequently determined that my material was of a commercial nature because it "infers that I do charge adults for the service". I must reiterate: this is my American right and it is ridiculous and even potentially criminal to insist or assume that I have the resources to keep giving and giving without getting anything in return. My comments regarding my GIFT to and HOPE for the children were not meant to be misconstrued or twisted in this way. They were meant to establish my 'RELIGION' and the free exercise thereof. My willingness to permanently forgo my entitlement was simply my tithe and offering to God.

The complaint began with Dr. Tim Teske, D.O., permeated to John Hodgden, City of Enid's Commissioner, and then was formally charged by Carol Lahman, City of Enid's attorney. I must point out that Carol Lahman, although she took the posture of representing the city's interests, did not act with the weight of the city behind her. Mayor Irv Honigsberg assures me that she should not have acted in this manner and is going to be speaking with her regarding her use of the City of Enid's letterhead in this matter. Wendy Quarles, PEGASYS' director, who had decided to air my programming a second time once the complaint began, did not see the commercial nature that was spoken of and maintains that she is not on the committee that made the decision nor does she agree with that decision. She is not making the effort to sway the committee, nor should she, and she is standing by PEGASYS' rules and regulations.

February 13, 2004

As of today, February 14, 2004 I have been advised that the Appeals Committee upheld the suspension due to commercial content. It is my understanding that they did not have access to my documentation outlining my argument as to why "Red Fuzion" is not of a commercial nature. Originally I was told that I would be allowed to be present upon the committee's review. Then I was told that they would be reviewing my documentation and that my presence was inappropriate. I have been told that the committee was informed not to let the City's involvement in this matter be an influential factor in their decision. Yet, only yesterday (the 13th) did I find out, myself, that the City of Enid was NOT actually involved in the complaint. Rest assured, the Appeals Committee does not have all the information and unfortunately I must go all the way with this one. I have consulted with an attorney regarding this matter and I am being told that PEGASYS could very possibly be found guilty of a breach of contract offense if I were to decide to sue. I do not wish to do this, but I must say, that I am growing tired of my First Amendment rights being taken for not. The last option that I have available to me before a lawsuit is to address the PEGASYS Board of Directors. We will see if the information that I had been given previously as to my right to face the Board directly will be granted. As yet, I have not been allowed the respect of knowing who was on any of the committees thus far. And, I am now being told that should I use the PEGASYS equipment for commercial purposes one more time that I would be permanently banned from membership. As you might guess, it appears that I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

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