Congratulations Alan!
You get what you asked for.

I had dialed 234-0564 on March 29. I was looking for Gungoll, Jackson, Collins & Box. They had an advertisement in the back of the yellow pages of the old phone book which I have been using since most of my other phone books are still in boxes from my recent move. I hadn't considered that the information would be outdated since they were attorneys; I figured they kept the same number. I also didn't expect for the information to be a misprint.

When Alan Seibel answered the phone I was SHOCKED and APPALLED at having to face that abomination. It was just too weird in reaching him personally after ALL the times I had begged him for help with my ABUSIVE father. Remember, he refused to take my calls. The day before, we had both been informed that as long as there was a legitimate reason for the call that harassment did NOT exist. So here I sit in contact with Alan Seibel. Whoa!!!

I figured that I had a responsibility to explain my call being that I knew he would assume it was me if I just hung up, or perhaps they DID have caller ID even though I was told that they did not.

After a pause that seemed to me to last forever I said, "Now isn't this interesting, I was trying to reach Gungoll, Jackson, and Collins .... Alan. You better look up the meaning of the word slander." I then hung up since I had not called to reach him to begin with. Yes, I dialed 234-0564 in order to ask the civil litigation attorneys what the statute of limitations was on a libel suit.

I then called my mother in order to let her know the TRUTH before she began to hear the swarm of lies about the call. Don't forget, my father is an elder in the church, and he and Alan Seibel are apparently sleeping in the same bed, at least spiritually that is.

She managed to convince me that perhaps I had mistakenly dialed 234-0574 instead of 234-0564 even though I explained to her that I had used the touch tone telephone. You know, 6 and 7 are on opposite sides of the key pad.

Later that night I was putting together my report for the web site and wanted to make sure that I had the phone numbers right for the church. It was past 11:00 and I figured that I would just call the church in order to verify my data. I expected to get the answering machine in both instances but dialed the 234-0574 number first. Alan Seibel picks up the phone AGAIN! Too weird. I paused and then asked him, "So tell me, is it 234-0574 or 234-0564?" He begrudgingly admitted that it was both. I then told him in a friendly tone that I frankly had NOT expected to hear his voice earlier in the day. I said, still in a friendly tone, "You're still up there, huh?" He then told me that his work day had been interrupted in order to RUN, not walk, to the courthouse in order to get what he had NOT received the day before. I said, "Good, because now you really will look like the fool." I also informed him at this point that the reason for my present call was to VERIFY the telephone numbers for Davis Park. I said that it was for my web site. At that point Alan made a derogatory comment and hung up.

Saturday I asked my mother to verify the numbers herself in order to appear before the judge and tell him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help her God. She called the 234-0564 number and received a message that the number was no longer a working number. She tried back three times and still the same response. I told her at that point that it figured, and that Alan was trying to hide something. After all, why else would the number be disconnected. I already knew that he didn't have the backbone to tell the truth in other circumstances. Why would this be any different? She asked me, I don't know how MANY times, are you sure you dialed 234-0564, and are you sure that Alan told you what you thought you heard? I had to reassure myself that I DID know what was going on and that Alan Seibel was now showing both motive AND malice! That IS how those abominations work you know, they want you to doubt your ability to determine right from wrong. And when you do, they sit back on their haunches and laugh. Are you going to continue to let them pull the wool over your eyes?

Regarding the decision of the district court, the judge gave the grease to the squeaky wheel, Alan Seibel. I, the LORD's anointed, am now formally ostracized from the physical building of Davis Park Christian Church of Enid, Oklahoma, the same church that I was dragged to for most of my young life by my father. Irony strikes at will:)

After proving that the 234-0564 number was indeed listed in the yellow pages as being Gungoll, Jackson, & Collins in 1996, I told the judge the above story. I explained that I had no intention of contacting Alan on the 29th at all. (Why would I? He can't teach me anything from his own understanding. He's NOT qualified to speak for My Lord. After all, he lies, and then covers up those lies.) I also told the judge that I had contacted the security department with Southwestern Bell in order to ascertain the date of the disconnect and the previous owner of the 234-0564 number. I said that the evidence, should it be sought after by the judge, would prove my case, and asked him to subpoena the information in order to establish the TRUTH. I also told him to inform Alan Seibel that I had spoken with an attorney and had become aware of my right to speak to the Board of Trustees for the church. I told the judge that my conscience would not let me walk away unless I KNEW that the members of the church were informed properly about the soul of their minister. The judge has now said that I will be speaking with them in a forum other than the physical building of Davis Park Christian Church, should I take on the task.

So, I place in the hands of God Himself all things detestable in His sight. I also pray for a quick and complete end of such nonsense. When and how God plucks these abominable men to use for wine, is up to Him, but don't forget I am part of the experience of God. After all, I have already seen the throne:) No, that does not mean that I am a gun toting lunatic. That only means that I don't have to be anywhere near the place of their demise when God Himself comes for them. He can come in the form of brick buildings, earthquakes, floods, famine, tornadoes, BIG trucks, and all other types of death in the making, OR, in the birth of conscience or the soul. I pray that whichever it is, that is comes VERY quickly and that NO one will EVER taunt again, "Where is the God of justice?!". And for the record books, I am NOT requesting a hit to be put out on such men. God can scrub His own toilets, but I must say that the scrubbing these abominations are fixing to get, will be harsher than I could ever have delivered myself. So it is written .... so let it be done.

And the light of Israel will become a fire and his Holy One a flame,
And it will burn and devour his thorns and his briars in a single day.

-- Isaiah 10: 17

Thus says the LORD, my Redeemer, and the one who formed me from the womb, "I, the LORD, am the maker of all things, Stretching out the heavens by Myself, And spreading out the earth all alone, Causing the omens of boasters to fail, Making fools out of diviners, Causing wise men to draw back, And turning their knowledge into foolishness, Confirming the word of His servant, And performing the purpose of His messengers.

-- Isaiah 44: 24 - 26

To those of the synagogue of Satan: Be warned. I have stood in the gap thrice. I will NOT do it again, for the Lord of Hosts has told me, "A destruction is determined, overflowing with righteousness." Behold, He sends His angels ....

Psalms 2.
And now .... the rest of the story.
I want to help.
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