And the light of Israel will become
a fire and his Holy One a flame, And it
will burn and devour his thorns and his
briars in a single day.

-- Isaiah 10: 17

Says the Western dove to the Eastern dove,
"Hail to the Son of God, the Lord of Hosts,
Who gathers Us."

-- August 12, 2000

I was reminded of a vision that I had on the twelfth of August just previous to leaving the house for the court hearing and even read the directly above message to myself once again. I didn't know why at the time.

After the court hearing, I was distraught and upset about the decision of the judge. I went upstairs in the hope of finding help for the next step that I would need to take in the ongoing process. The poor of finances are in need of water and there is none when it comes to the courts. After spending more than an hour stumbling about in the dark I was given the number for the legal aid in Stillwater.

I left the court house and went looking for a friend of mine on the east side of Enid. She was not home and after a bit I gave up my search. I had wondered why the court's decision had come out the way it did, and in just a short time, I would have my answer.

My husband had told me just a few days prior, that he had noticed a young woman walking around town, on more than one occasion, carrying signs with scriptures on them. And, I had just told him the next time he saw her, to stop and give her my phone number. I didn't actually expect to see her myself since I am rarely in Enid. But, since I was dragged into town to stand before the judge, AGAIN, I happened to be in the right place at the right time, because ... there she was. I told my husband to stop the car and let me out; I just had to talk with this brave soul.

When he pulled over more than a block past my destination, I got out of the car and began walking back toward the young woman. She was brought from the east, and I was gathered from the west. As I was walking toward her I got the message, "Do you see who is in the west and who is in the east?" My answer was, "Yes." And I was told not to forget it. Upon my approach I told the young woman that I needed to hug her and asked if that was okay. She said yes, and God's messengers spread their wings and embraced. We spoke for a while and shared our experiences; I told her about the vision of August 17, 1994, and she told me about how she came to be in the place that she was now. She said that she had found herself in the presence of a blinding white light; she stood before a throne, while Jesus descended in front of her and gave her a message, of which, she had prepared in pamphlet form. I received a copy, and asked for her address. And then, we walked back to my car together, at which time we parted. I told her that I loved her and she said the same. After our meeting I was shown that she was wearing red, for the east, and I was wearing the blues and blacks of the west.

The words of my own mouth, that I had just spoken to the judge rang in my ears. I had said, "The Lord works in mysterious ways.", and I learned a lesson from myself:) God is working folks. Jesus is with Us. And do you have wedding clothes on?

Later in the day I was told that I didn't have to win every battle in order for Him to have the victory. He asked me, "Are you satisfied?". My reply was, "Yes!".

Look for the covenant of Levi.

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