Most people around me have held to their belief that what I am going through is not from God. But then again, they can't prove it with the scripture. It is fear that is speaking for one who is not prepared to consider the things happening around me as real, that is all.

I do however, know my own heart. I know Tammy, better than anyone else except the Lord above can. And I know that these things are from God. He is testing me though, I do know that.

He asked me recently, when I was doubting myself, "How can you sit there and let them convince you of their view? Don't you know that Grandpa went home?". And I received the confirmation that I was lacking in my own mind. At this point I am sure that the minister of Oakwood Christian Church found himself speechless on the 13th of August, 2000. I just know it. God has been too good to me for it not to be so. I only pray that he becomes aware of why. I also pray that he turns from his ignorance and learns to embrace God's light.

And to anyone who cares to listen. I am here to help, that is all. I am not here to worship myself. I am not here to worship Paul. I am here to make a difference in God's kingdom. I am here to shine God's light. If that hurts you, it is not because of me, it is because of you. Won't you turn away from darkness and move toward the light?

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