I made several attempts to change his mind, but of course, I was reduced to leaving messages on the church's answering machine. I had given up, and then I was told to get back in there and give Mr. Gary Templeton a message from Him (God).

I told my Lord that he wouldn't believe that it was from Him. And He asked me if I believed that it was from Him. My reply was, "Yes.", and He told me to deliver the message or He would take away my gifts. I hurried to the telephone, and as I did, He told me, "I send you as Jonah to the men of Nineveh ... but that's for you." I had already read the story of Jonah and am aware of his demise in the wilderness. When I got the answering machine I apologized for putting them in the position that they were now in and then delivered His message. It was, "I give you three days to accept the gifts of my servant or lose your pastorate."

I doubted my ability to deliver a message of God, but did it anyway. I had to. I didn't think that He would actually take anything away from Gary Templeton, but was concerned that if He did that I would be held to blame. The story of John's father, Zacharias, had come to mind and so, I prayed along with my daughter and two of her friends that the minister would be struck dumb at 12:00 on the third day. I figured that he would say that I was the false prophetess, and that when he did he would then be reprimanded. I could live with the idea of him being temporarily mute before I could see him dead, or removed from his seat of position since I was the deliverer of the message. I don't know if that was right or wrong, I just didn't want to be the instrument of his destruction.

I felt as though God was mad at Enid, and that it's annihilation was inevitable. My family was there and I had a hard time with this. So, I prayed that my life would be put in danger also. I told my daughter that if the sun went down at noon, not to be afraid, just in case. I had been up all night in order to search the scriptures previous to the twelve o'clock deadline. And I waited for the time, in order to see for myself, God's decision. I had wanted the minister's reprimand, but was afraid that it would be harsh, too harsh for me to deal with. I also wanted to know, since I would not be in attendance, about the minister's reprimand. And so I considered my willingness to have my life in danger, as a sign with which God could inform me.

Since He had told me my association with Jonah I told Him that I would not be angry if He turned away from His wrath. I laid down just before noon on August 13, 2000. I found myself with my back toward Enid, and felt His indignation. I was not comfortable in that position and wanted to roll over but was afraid to turn toward Enid without God's approval. So I laid there, with my back toward Enid. And then I received a message, "Then I found favor in the Lord's sight, and was able to turn, and saw." I figured that if I didn't turn at that point that I would not be doing the Lord's bidding. So I rolled over and got comfortable in order to catch a nap and rest.

Not much later (one hour, it turns out) I had a visitor. All I know is that a dove flew through the wall into the house. It landed on my bed, right in front of me, and as it did, I felt it's wings on my skin. I recognized it as being a dove and reached out for it, and when I did, it took off and flew to the west and out of our third dimension. I woke up(?) overjoyed. My daughter told me later that at the same time she heard me talking to someone. I don't remember anything that was said, I just know that I was overjoyed.

A few days later I realized that I had been bitten by the brown recluse. A necrosis had formed on the top of my left foot. And I remembered being stung in that area while lying in bed for a nap. My recollection tells me that it happened in the hour just before I received my visitor.

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