On August 17, 2000 Grandpa almost died. On the way to the hospital my daughter was asked a question. "Why are you crying?" She said it was because she didn't know if her GG was alive or dead, and that she was afraid he was dying. She received, "Don't you know that God is taking care of your GG." She immediately told me about her experience and we knew that we would see Grandpa again.

When we got to the hospital, Grandpa was still with us. He came around, and began to give me signs of his continuing will to live. He was winking at me! I just knew that he would be all right, if only I could get him away from the doctor's who would kill him.

My mom told me that she held the power of attorney, and she was prepared to subject Grandpa to every test, in order to 'save' him. I knew the truth regarding our medical establishment and knew that he was in danger.

I tried to reassure her with the message that my daughter, August, was given. But she wouldn't believe it. She stood dangerously close to putting a gun to Grandpa's head, even though she was not aware of it.

I thought that if I could explain to her minister (Alan Seibel) about these things, that he would be able to reassure her that everything would be all right. She trusted him, and I saw Alan as being the possible tool, in which my grandfather would be allowed to be left alone.

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