My mother finally allowed me the church directory for the Davis Park congregation. And I was finally able to cross the moat and scale the drawbridge to an authority other than the king of their fortress.

At first there was that cry from the minister and my father to contend with, and yes, my mother was held to blame for allowing me the information. She went to Alan personally to tell of the torment that she had endured through the years at the hand of my father. Alan left her feeling unsatisfied in his justice system because he of course, stood with my father.

In the end, Alan Seibel realized that his livelihood WAS at stake after all. He lamented to my mother, and wanted to know "why I was after his job". He also confided that he "would have to stop reading my web site". It turns out that perhaps Alan Seibel does have some form of a conscience, belated as it may be.

The church refused to pay the $119.00 that was incurred on my behalf. And, the only apology that I received was from the head elder of the church. This apology was truly heart felt though, and I was finally seen as simply a spirit who was experiencing something that was clearly unique. The elder agreed that he would pray that I would find someone on this side of life who could help me to understand the strange occurrences that I have been gifted with. He also said that Alan would have a lot of explaining to do when he finally met with God BECAUSE he was a minister.

I should note that upon my one conversation with Keith Reynold's early in this whole experience, I was told to market Grandpa's work, and then, and only then, would they listen to what I had to offer. Upon reflection of the September 11 disaster, I am NOT surprised in the least that the market was the first strike. I see this fact as God's way of bringing more than just the state of Oklahoma into the experience.

I have become more confident than ever of my position and I am no longer afraid to speak about it. My mother has finally heard my voice of reason and is now open to possibilities that she was not open to before. My father has had a full dose of humility and seems to be the better for it. He still has a long way to go though. Daddy is still an elder in the church, although he offered to step down at one time, and then later was asked to fulfill his promise. Mom does not attend Davis Park because Grandpa is still with us (and getting better by the day); she feels that she should not leave his side. Even when he does go, I do not feel that she will ever set foot in Davis Park again. Unless of course, Alan is no longer minister of the church, or she is willing to endure his hypocrisy, or that hypocrisy no longer exists. He WILL have to come to me for absolution though, because I am the one that he wronged. Until that time, I refuse to work on anyone within that entire congregation, but I am patiently waiting for the opportunity to bury the hatchet.

I have still not been able to pay my rent because I am working for free, when I have the chance to work at all. I am currently in the process of resurrecting Grandpa's textbook that he wrote back in 1988. He has since given me the human spinal column that hung in his closet and wants me to have it when he is gone. I am truly honored and touched by this gift and I pray that I will be allowed the opportunity to turn the world before it is too late. I have also made contact with a college in the state and at this time an osteopath is awaiting my call in order to possibly work with me on the next step that I must take. I am pushing for a study to be performed in order to officially document the validity and worth of Grandpa's discoveries.


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