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February 10, 2003

Dear Dr. Ben DeSpain

I have just finished reading your feature of a "Calm During the Storm" in the January/February 2003 Today's Chiropractic magazine.

I am encouraged to reach out to you at this time since there is such a change blowing.

You should know that my grandfather is Dr. Earl Frankin Craton, D.C., Ph.C. I understand that Grandpa and Sid Williams actually knew each other personally.

I will cut to the chase. Now is the time for radical change in the fields of the healing arts. Yes, I do know who Grandpa was; and yes, I do know who I am. At this time I encourage you to work with me toward the very greatly needed change inside your establishment. Not just in Life University, but the chiropractic institute as a whole.

As Grandpa would say, "It is time to tell it like it is!".

Chiropractic has much to be desired in order to be considered as an actual scientific field of study and performance of art.

Here is a little atmosphere for you to browse by:)

Then please see:

That should get you started nicely.

I am tired of being put off when I have what I have to offer. I am holding your feet to the fire to do the right thing. And if you do not, then you should know now that I intend to put Chiropractics out of business in the near future.

Trust me. I have the proper ammunition to do the job.

At this time I am prepared to lay down my guns regarding my preliminary requirements as to cost. This will only be in effect long enough to negotiate with you on the proper procedure of getting Grandpa's work in the colleges as He saw fit. Don't hesitate to do your homework on this offer. It won't be around for long. I am growing impatient, and yes, I will be posting this letter to my web site within the week.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist

PS. You should know that in 1991 the future president of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in Oklahoma for 1995, Dr. Thomas Smith of Enid, OK was my client. I have already worked on the top dog; I DO NOT intend on stepping down from my position of authority.

Mailed: February 12, 2003
Delivered: February 18, 2003

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