I apologize in advance if I offend any good people with the following, and I ask that you read this page with a grain of salt. Please understand that in the course of time (nearly 20 years) as I have approached many doctors and other "authorities" with the facts presented in my web site that I have been faced with more than enough ignorance, greed, and intent to suppress the Peoples' rights and the Peoples' choice. And you should know that I have made the effort to stand as the Peoples' champion in this badly needed and upcoming paradigm shift. If you have a pure heart that intends to recognize truth and give credit where it is due then any criticisms or hard decisions that I present do not apply to you.

Once again, if you possess a pure heart please forgive my bold 'indiscretions' that follow ...

I find it necessary to lay down certain guidelines when it comes to accepting new initiates. Let it be known that I am NOT fond of the established realm of chiropractic. At this time the field of osteopathy as a reasonable science is little better, BUT they have not opposed me like the chiropractors have. And so, I will come much closer to allowing for osteopaths to enter this new field than I will chiropractors. And yet, the balance of this decision is still one of a personal nature and is dependent on the posture of the supplicant of the new art. The M. D. is also a problem since he has already been sufficiently conditioned and is practiced in his finite focus.

Let it be known now that I do not suffer a subluxated pelvis or occiput. However, I cannot say the same for probably 95% of our medical specialists. And so, I can enjoy the luxurious benefit of choosing wisely the future generation of Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialists. I am especially NOT fond of the idea of having to destroy an already engrained force of habit in our medical practitioners. And the mere mention of allowing such caricatures to sit in judgment of the future use of the holy grail that we have drank from is preposterous. This statement also goes for MOST religious leaders and ministers. I hold NO favor for these sorts either. You see, we are the middle road between the two. For we not only possess GREAT faith in God, but we actually have come to understand the science of the possession of life in the flesh. And when science alone cannot answer our call for help we actually acknowledge the VERY presence of God Himself. In our world there is NO separation of religion and science, and what we do not understand is simply an opportunity for responsible discovery and a continued personal walk with God.

We believe in the Darwinian theory and simply state that it is not for man to judge how God chose to put us here, but that upon the investigation, understand that there is a lesson to be learned from His choice. And that is simply, figuratively speaking of course, 'Rome was not built in a day!'. And we need to, as a species take the lesson to heart, AND SLOW DOWN.

We believe in the potential of the cosmos to influence the human being individually. And understand that the workings of the planets, and other astral bodies, are simply tools to be used as God sees fit. We do not pretend to fully understand this niche of creation and are more appropriately labeled stargazers in the broadest sense. We appreciate the potential of this power; we do not attempt to limit it, nor have we become experts in any sense.

We believe in the spirit world and have experienced both through personal experience and through the observation of those close to us that ethereal world. We understand that TRUE prophets DO IN FACT exist and quite comically say to any minister who claims otherwise that God gave these prophets to antiquity; why should we assume that He would intend that this screwed up modern world should have no guides? We NEED His prophets!!

On a personal note, as a child, I experienced a shadow of light that entered my body. I had awakened in the night to find two figures standing before me. One was dark, the other was light. In my mind I was given a choice. I was not scared for some strange reason but simply decided which one I wanted. I chose the light and then quite serenely began to drift off to sleep. As I did, I felt something sit down on the edge of the bed; it passed through my body just below the midsection, and then laid down and stretched out inside my body. I was not afraid. The next day I told my mother about it; she only asked me if I had chosen the light and said that I would always be given the choice and that I should always choose the light. I have never felt my spirit guide as I have recently come to know this presence leave my body, and suspect that this gift through the will of God, is inevitably the reason for my continued existence on this plane. With everything that I have endured in this lifetime, I should be either crippled or dead, and yet I am neither. I do not scar easily, and I tend to heal against all odds. I am in the palm of God's hand and He has chosen to wield this instrument against the lies of this time.

I also believe in the possibility of what many would consider to be reincarnation. Again, I am not a specialist in this avenue of life, but do consider the words of Christ when He said that some of those who were standing with Him then, would NOT taste death until they saw the Son coming in the glory of His kingdom. I cannot explain it further, except to say that I have remembered a singular experience from before I was born in the days before the occupation of this continent by the white man. It was SO real that I could feel the fringe of my buckskin dress dancing softly against my body. And no, I was not in some kind of meditative state or trance. I was simply enjoying the outdoors at a fishing hole that we frequent and experienced a mental 'flash' while sent on a simple errand. And, as an explanation for this possibility say simply, 'It makes sense to me that He should demand that we return to the world(s) that we helped to create.'.

To hold a belief in any of the 'strange' supernatural views that I have presented is NOT a prerequisite to being allowed into the new field. I have used this opportunity to simply clear the air on my own personal nuances. And as I have recently told my sister, 'According to the scientific method, unless something is disproved altogether, nothing has been proven at all.', which brings me back to the reason why I am writing this page. I have VERY little tolerance for lies, especially in a scientific or religious field. At this point in my life, the truth that I have come to know regarding the physical structure of the human body is so plainly evident that I pale when I see that the doctors of our time have not understood the same, and that the ministers of our time put so much faith in said doctors, and do not take it upon themselves to quest for the truth of life. I have little faith in most of them to judge accurately my understanding, and do not appreciate subjecting myself or my family to their whim.

The prospect of teaching these lost souls is not something that I am looking forward to and so I am bold in my stance. I recognize that it is not easy to 'teach old dogs new tricks' and know that if I am ever to be successful in this venture that they MUST understand the significance of what has been developed by Craton. And since the language of their salvation is MONEY instead of faith, I must outline the following prerequisites to proving the interest that a doctor, or minister such as Alan Seibel or Gary Templeton, would need to have in coming from one of the established fields. Again, I admit that I am stereotyping the individuals of these fields, but if you read my entire web site, you will know why.

For doctors & ordained ministers:

For doctors, the privilege of being enrolled in any class, or seeking anything to do with our technique, starts at $50,000. This fee is simply a retainer, and does not allow you any special rates regarding any other fees. This fee is for any person who has graduated from any college that leads to licensure in any doctorate of medicine in any form, with the sole exception of psychology. [When I sent out my ninth and tenth Amendment Declaration, they were the only profession that responded to me with a correct recognition of my title as a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist. Until they do something to shake my appreciation for their recognition of the truth, I welcome them with open arms.] I have also decided that at this time physical therapists should be excluded from this fee and I am looking forward with high hopes to the possible coup d'état against Chiropractic with the help of the physical therapists.

For all lying ministers, the beginning retainer fee is $100,000; this is because you are worse than the doctors in not allowing for freedom of speech by the individual in the church, and are fearful instead of legal ramification. You SHOULD be frightened of the possibility of silencing a true heart in the eyes of God. (The people have the right to make their own decisions. You do NOT have the right to make their decisions for them.)

These fees increase $10,000 for every year in practice with thirty (30) days into the year sufficing for the entire year. If one has attended any medical college whatsoever and NOT graduated from the institute the retainer fee is dependent on both the time spent in the institution and any willingness to understand that the institution was lacking in certain anatomical facts. $0 is the minimum retainer and $50,000 is the maximum. Let it be known that I do NOT intend to teach anyone who plans to file Grandpa's technique and only use it in what has been called a crisis situation. Grandpa's technique is the first best defense against disease, and I will not allow for it to be diminished by anyone who has already been trained to 'salivate to the bell'.

If you are in this group and feel that I am being unfair to your own heart, please do not hesitate to contact me personally with your grievance. I am looking forward to hearing from such as these:)

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