Correspondence with Dr. Stephen Barrett, M.D., webmaster of Quackwatch

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 06:16:07 +0000
From: Tammy Kennedy
Subject: Nerve Signal Interference listed at

I noticed your page at

I see that you have my grandfather's (Dr. Earl Franklin Craton, D.C.'s) technique listed as Nerve Signal Interference on the above listed page.

I would like to correct your information. Please see and then make the needed correction to your page for accuracy. I feel that perhaps also you should be willing to provide a link from your listing of 'Nerve Signal Interference (Removal; correct)' to the above page or others from my site, again for accuracy of reporting and informational purposes.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 07:00:00 -0500
From: Stephen Barrett, M.D.
To: Tammy Kennedy
Subject: Re: Nerve Signal Interference listed at

Thanks for the information. I have corrected our listing and placed a link to your site from our page that links to proponent information.

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Board Chairman, Quackwatch, Inc.
NCAHF Vice President and Director of Internet Operations

Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 20:51:08 +0000
From: Tammy Kennedy
To: Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Subject: Re: Nerve Signal Interference listed at

Thanks Dr. Barrett for handling this in the timely manner that you have. I applaud your appreciation for accuracy. Speaking of which, I have another matter that needs to be addressed.

My grandfather, Dr. Earl F. Craton ... although he received his license as a chiropractor (1925), ended up going beyond chiropractic thought and methodology. He actually divorced himself from the chiropractic school of thought and stood in direct opposition to their beliefs and practices. At one time he did have the opportunity to have his work taught in the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. This opportunity came about in 1990, but, Grandpa (Dr. Craton) insisted that if they were going to teach his work that they couldn't teach the ERRORS of chiropractic philosophy and methodology down the hall. Basically, he insisted that the school's curriculum had to ALL be scientifically accurate, else there would be OBVIOUS confusion (psychological nerve signal interference) allowed within the very halls of the institution itself.

Perhaps he was too rigid, too idealistic, or just too far ahead of his time to be allowed the opportunity of changing the chiropractic paradigm from the inside. Therefore, his research, although featured in chiropractic journals (, ended up being accepted by very few chiropractors, and in the end, Dr. Craton was left with the definition of a new FIELD (, of which, I legally established back in 2000/2001 (

And so, perhaps for scientific accuracy you could change the heading of this page ( to include the recognition of "maverick" fields such as ours, since the initial root BEGAN in chiropractic. This is just a suggestion, perhaps you have another solution. Please let me know what you decide to do with this information.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist

I offer an open invitation to Dr. Stephen Barrett, M.D. and his friends at his web site databases to compare the new field, Nerve Signal Interference Removal (NSIR), to any methodology inside the chiropractic institution first hand. I will wager that should he take up the challenge that he will find a truly unique method that does in fact adjust properly, and yes correct, the TRUE subluxations of the body, and that he will inevitably discover what that means in terms of health and healing.

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