Dear Mr. Adams

I must first tell you that "Yes, I have seen the movie with your name.". I am hoping that the spirit of the film is accurate.

I commend you on your conquest and love of the healing arts. I too am called to make a difference.

I find myself in a place in which I am not sure how to proceed. And so, I feel that I must revert to my only style:) I am bold.

My name is Tammy Joy Kennedy. I am the first-born granddaughter of Dr. Earl Franklin Craton, D.C. Dr. Craton was awarded the centennial award in his profession in 1995. He was the best of the best!! Not just in financial success, but in the process of discovery of the human body.

He has taught me most all of what he discovered in his endeavor to better understand the human body. His discoveries unequivocally ended the reign of false misconceptions in his own mind. Unfortunately he was not as successful in changing his colleagues minds, and they are still not up to speed in doing things as they need to be done.

His improved technique was based on his own personal discoveries regarding the research facts that he came to understand. What he developed can be metaphorically presented as coming from about 200 years in the future. As proof of this statement: I myself have already worked on the president of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners of 1995 (the chiropractic centennial anniversary) in the state of Oklahoma.

My efforts to carry Grandpa's work forward as He saw fit has been opposed by that same board. And so, my title is now "Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist" instead of Chiropractor.

I am including documentation to better inform you of where I am now. I apologize for its length but feel that it tells its own story quite easily. I am at a lack of words, except to say that I am begging you for financial help. I am prepared to furnish you with any documentation in order to show good cause for a professional relationship to grow between us. I am in a position to travel; I am also hoping to keep the lights on for my family here.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
C/o NSIR Technologies
School of Alternative Healing
114 East Broadway, Suite #302
Enid, OK 73701
(580) 358-0074 home

PS. It is only a matter of time until Grandpa's work replaces chiropractic and osteopathic philosophies about adjustment.

("a Day in the Life" Volume #1 was sent as an enclosure.)

Current contact information

Mailed: November 9, 2002
Delivered: November 18, 2002
Follow-up contact attempt with Hunter (Patch) Adams.

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