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January 25, 2003

Dear Mr. Adams

I thank you for your timely response. It brought a smile to my face. I have read your article.

I am hoping that you have been able and willing to examine my web site at

I understand your intent to build a free hospital, and feel that perhaps you are on the right track. I hope you can understand my frank nature when I say that isn't good enough. Personally, and I do know that I am dreaming here, "To hell with the free hospital; build a free SYSTEM instead!"

Grandpa would be singing to me right now. He would say: "I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles all the day." It is MY dream.

I am aware that there are other forms of value in the world besides money. I am asking for you to reciprocate with me on several levels. As I said before, I am bold; so I'll just jump in here.

I have made the attempt to reach beyond, the iron curtain I guess you could say, in America. Still nothing, except to piss a whole bunch of doctors and ministers off. I noticed that you had your own words for it: "My call is the call to battle, I nourish active rebellion....".

Well surely, I cannot accept your bowing out on me now when I have come this far. I must challenge you to rethink your prime directive, and ask you to allow me to be an integral part of the future that inevitably waits for us both. Grandpa (Dr. Earl F. Craton) has forded the river ahead of us in order to tie us off to the strongest tree.

Please don't let that talent get away from you. It is the key to health and long life.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist
C/o NSIR Technologies
School of Alternative Healing
114 East Broadway, Suite #709
Enid, OK 73701
(580) 358-0074 home


PS. Please, let me know what you might be willing to do in order to allow me my due respect and assistance. I have much to offer.

("a Day in the Life": Road to Zion was also sent as an enclosure.)

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Mailed: February 3, 2003
Delivered: February 5, 2003
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