Star of Bethlehem

Just in case you get bent out of shape regarding my use of your clinic's name and address, etc., I need to explain to you the facts associated with the circumstance.

Invasion of privacy is defined as follows:

An unjustified exploitation of one's personality or intrusion into one's personal activity, actionable under tort law and sometimes under constitutional law. The four types of invasion of privacy in tort are (1) an appropriation, for one's benefit, of another's name or likeness, (2) an offensive, intentional interference with a person's seclusion or private affairs, (3) the public disclosure, of an objectionable nature, of private information about another, and (4) the use of publicity to place another in a false light in the public eye.

FYI this definition comes out of my previously purchased Black's Law Dictionary:)

Oh, and just why don't you think the world has a right to know about the facts of my visit to your clinic on June 21, 2000? Or why don't you think that the public needs to know where the information that you have been using since that time comes from? If only I could have been a fly on your wall since June 21, 2000. But then again we both know the truth on this point! What do you think the statement, "I do what my patients need!", means to me. And no, you have NOT paid the educational fee for my services. However you have finally contacted me as promised, but only after you discovered my web site. Now just what am I supposed to think?

You're out of your league Kent. Go home. And for the record books, a six year education in chiropractic does NOT hold a candle to the more than twelve years I have spent sitting at the Master's feet. But you should already know that.

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Complete the circle,
Use the force :o)

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