On November 6, 2001 my mother received a telephone call from a Terry Alley with the Garfield County District Attorney's Office. His title was investigator. He called her in an attempt to find me. In their conversation he repeatedly claimed that I had no right to do what I was doing and that the established and recognized fields (Chiropractic & Osteopathy) were the only fields that had the privilege to adjust the bones of the body. Later I had to listen to her fear that if I had to go to court that Daddy, who was soon going to be on jury duty, was not going to find in my favor (indubitably due to his hatred for me).

So, I called Mr. Alley up to discover just what the deal was. He did not call me; I called him. After several attempts I finally reached him and he maintained his head in the sand position. He claims that because my art must truly adjust the bones of the body that I could be in trouble with the law of the land. I told him the hard facts regarding my position and the fact that I have worked on doctors who turned out to be selfish and greedy regarding letting Grandpa's information out to the world. I explained to him that I have already worked as an NSI Specialist in a chiropractor's office in June 2000 and that the reason why I can practice is because of the Bill of Rights (which apparently he doesn't know anything about). He only said for me to get the doctors behind me and get Grandpa's work in the schools. He apparently wouldn't even consider that our medical professions could simply be motivated by wealth and greed, and would actually make the attempt to silence the truth.

When I tried to explain to him in layman's terms the scientific discovery of my grandfather he only said that he wasn't a doctor. He glaringly proved to me that he had no business acting as an investigator in this case. He was not prepared to ask the chiropractic board just what their philosophy and objectives were in their daily practice. He wasn't prepared to consider that he could understand anything that I was saying in regard to our own philosophy and objectives. In short, he only wanted to know if I was honest enough to tell that I would practice Grandpa's art. And then he proved that he would penalize me for it if he had the proper paper work in hand.

I was finally able to discover that the reason for his inquiry was that some doctor (I'm sure) saw my web site back in August. The testimonials that the children have willingly given me was all the proof that the complainant needed to cry foul in an attempt to stop me one more time. I have hurt no one and I freely took these kids pain away. And yet a doctor, potentially, wants to keep me from doing what I do best through political strategy, greed, hate, and someone else's oblivion.

What do you think? Could there be any other explanation?

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