It Takes All Types ....

Connie S. Geier
4214 Pin Oak
Enid, OK 73703
(580) 234-8711

Tammy Joy Kennedy
NSIR Technologies
114 E. Broadway, Ste. #302
Enid, OK 73701


This Monday, July 22, 2002 you were the guest speaker for the Reach to Recovery Grace Hollrah Mastectomy Group. I felt the need to write you a letter and comment on your lecture.

I was somewhat offended with your appearance as a professional in the Enid area as you come dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. (So, you judge books by their covers, do you?) This did not look professional at all and helped to discredit your statements. (Apparently you don't feel you should be knowledgeable about your health care options and are willing to be gullibly led.) You should look as smart as the information you are dispensing. (Obviously you want to hear from a snake oil salesman, which I am not.)

Secondly, please learn not to cut the medical, nursing, chiropractic or other recognized health fields in the community. (I ONLY proved their error.) This looks cheep from where I sit and those with education do not do this. (You must not have heard of Andrew Weil, M. D.) It is must unflattering for you to make yourself look educated and those who have had years of education they are not stupid. (Well, I see that MY 14 years sitting at the master's feet doesn't mean anything to YOU.) Another community downer not to mention that this can cause you liable suits and who knows what else might arise from this. (When you say community, you DO mean communist don't you?)

You speak fondly of your grandfather being a Chiropractor. (No I don't; I only let you know how he started out. So, you're a glass is half empty type? You mean to tell me that it isn't good enough for you that this shift was started by a chiropractor. You don't like change do you?) He did not renounce his profession and neither should you. [How the hell do you know anything about my grandfather if you can't listen to me who knew him best? Trust me; I plan on dancing with the man who brought me. FYI: Not only did he willfully renounce his chiropractic license in 1980 but he finally and ultimately denounced the chiropractic profession as a whole in 1996 after having won the TCC's Centennial Award the year before. He tried to teach the chiropractic 'doctors' one last time (which he had attempted throughout the years already, even going on the road), here in Enid, but none of them wanted to pay the nominal fee requested ($3000 a head).] Leave this lie. I am a daughter of two retired/deceased Chiropractic parents and they did not practice or do as the physicians of today, but you cannot scream fowel on them as they are doing what they have been schooled upon. (If they're half as ignorant as you are, bet your bottom dollar?) Your grandfather did not attend Westerns States College of Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon either but they do not cut down the practice of other colleges just as it is unfair for you to do so here. (As a matter of fact, I spoke to a college man today; he claimed that the schools can teach whatever they choose to, even if it's wrong [implied].)

The name of the game is references, who you know and how you can built your reputation. Your character is demaning to you and all around you. (You can't handle the truth, can you? As Grandpa would say, "I only told it like it was.".) I beg of you to change your way of promoting your business or you will soon lose all of your clients/patients and then what. Reputtion is a precious thing so don't go on Grandpa, make your own way and use his as a bonus. (Apparently you weren't listening to me; this IS a NEW field which was founded by my grandfather. If I don't handle the psychological aspect of nerve signal interference then where would I be? Punching at vertebrae, that's where.) I sincerely feel he would tell you the same thing. (Do you now?) Don't be rebel in the croud. (Why not? He was.) Enid is not friendly to those who make waves in the community and let me tell you they all get along very well together as I have worked for those for many years. D.C.,M.D., D.O. and I have first hand knowledge of the works.(And they're probably all walking around with their heads out of place. LOL)

I also heard you use one of the Chiropractors names in relationship to cases that had some incidence of which you had to hear by hear-say. (Again, you weren't listening; I said that the D. C. changed his fees from $30 a treatment to $2500 for 5 days and I was the only difference. By the way, he's known about my position for more than a year now and I don't see the lawsuit yet. Do you suppose he doesn't have a case?) Bad move again. This could be slander or defimation of ones character if conveyed to the source. Do not cross that line young lady. (Boy, are you beginning to get on my nerves!) I urdge you, Please change your style of delivery or you may vanish and have no following. (You only WISH I'd present my facts in a way that you might be WILLING to listen to. Personally, I refuse to work on anyone who is as willingly ignorant as you are.)

Check your terminology prior to speaking and you will not look as if you are uneducated. Also get some education behind you, not just "Grandpa". (I suppose you believe that Jesus attended Westerns States College of Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon? You know, He did claim to know His Father also.) This is not a mode of education as apprenticeship is not legal in the Chiropractic field. (As I've said several times now. You haven't been listening to me. I'm not a chiropractor, nor do I want to be. I'm a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist, there is a difference. I've worked on chiropractors, but refuse to let them touch me.) Again I ask you to not cross this line. (What line? I'm in MY field.)

Tammy, this is not to hurt you as I have known you since you were a child and watched you grow up. (Yeah, your one of those foolish fellows from the Davis Park Christian Church that I'm so disillusioned with.) Please be cautious. You are treading in heavy waters in this area. (Not if what I say is true, for the truth is a defense of its own. Yes, I've already spoken to an attorney, thank you.)

Call if I can help you in anyway. I do care Tammy or I would not have written this to you. (You've done enough already. You let me show the world what a classical case of psychological nerve signal interference looks like. He really does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? And if you feel that I've taught you anything from this session, I'll quote you my "special" nemesis rate of $50,000. Would you like to make another appointment?:) LOL


Connie S. Geier

P.S. Connie, the next time you want me to take you seriously, perhaps you might want to check your spelling; it really was a sad spectacle. And most definitely, you should sleep on your thoughts for at least one night before you shove your foot to your tonsils. You really could have made a better effort if you were as you said .... caring. But then again, I know how to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing as you should know by now. And finally, just so you know, I've been dealing with your type for WAY too many years now; the day that God/Truth decides to remove you from the face of Mother Earth, I will rejoice. Reference Matthew 3: 12 and Isaiah 41: 15.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts today ....

"Therefore wait for Me," declares the Lord, "For the day when I rise up to the prey. Indeed, My decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour out on them My indignation, all My BURNING ANGER; for all the earth will be devoured by the fire of My zeal.

-- Zephaniah 3:8

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