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At this time Dr. David Garrison (anatomist) claims he has a full plate and cannot do anything with the information that I supplied him with. This, although on the 21st of August he claimed that he had access to resources that could verify my grandfather's findings.

He has suggested that I continue with my quest and perhaps be able to receive the atlas specimens from any cadavers that would be subject to the scrutiny of our inquiry. He suggests that I interest a group of graduate students and their professor who might want to know about that joint. He has also voiced peoples' potential aversion to "decapitating the head".

He says that he has since examined the human atlas and did not find what I spoke of. Are you suprised? Case closed, end of story.

I don't understand. I thought these people were supposed to be held accountable to moral and anatomical truth.


Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.
-- Edmund Burke
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