January 2, 1992

Fredrick H.C. Barge, D.C., Ph.C.
Barge Chiropractic Clinic
322 Cameron Ave.,
La Crosse, WI 54601

Dear Dr. Barge:-

I have read and reread your well written Articles that have appeared in print during the last decade. The December 1991 issue of Today's Chiropractic, entitled, "Is There a True Chiropractic Philosophy?", prompts the following comments of hearty agreement with the D.D. Palmer concepts of what constitutes a cause of the health problems that plagues the human race and also the basic differences of the allopath's treatment approach versus the chiropractic removal of cause approach. You have correctly stated the basic difference of philosophy D.D. Palmer espoused as chiropractic and what is espoused by the allopaths. The clinical procedures demand a specific and different approach for each. Neither can be a substitute for the other no matter the name or how it is tried. I salute those in each profession who respect this value difference.

Dr. Barge my chiropractic degrees are from te PSC, March 11th, 1925. I elected not to renew my Texas License in 1983 because of eye problems. Lens implants have allowed me to carry on my research for better ways to accomplish what I was taught to do. I am enclosing a couple of my pamphlets that will explain the nature of this research. I am still in demand from my past patients and their friends and families. They insist I serve them when needed because of my unique clinical procedures that accomplished what others were unable to accomplish.

My oldest grandson is a D.O. but still has a year to go in his residency. His cousin is my oldest granddaughter who is in college acquiring her credentials for a D.C. degree. I have taught both of these my expertise and both of them are in constant demand from referrals. They are accomplishing the chiropractic objective of eliminating nerve signal interference (NSI) after repeated failure from others who have tried. I have tried to teach several D.C.'s. None of them have felt the need to specialize in the exacting expertise of accomplishing the most with the fewest clinical visits. All seems to be more interested in patient volume and by the terms of third party payment. I learned to use the case fee system in my switch of clinical expertise and my minimum fee is $2,000.00 and on up has worked well for me but does not seem to appeal to those I have tried to teach. At my age and station in life I am interested in getting my expertise taught in our colleges but to date none seem to know how to handle the "new" with the "old".

Actuality versus hypnotic reality has been a dragging brake on mankind's progress. Witness the present use of the terms of "vertebral subluxation", -- "vertebral adjustment", -- "mental impulse", and many more. The use of such verbal garbage goes unchallenged in our most respected books, articles, legal records and scientific journals. Show me the factual proof!

Subluxations of the cranium's condyles on the atlas, sacro-iliac and leg length differences are an actual demonstrable fact by measurement of x-ray imaging. Nonorthogonal position of vertebra are also demonstrable but these are not subluxations. Their architectural design permits the mobility of intersegmental flexion, extension and rotation as a normal function in compensating for the demands of movement in an environment of gravity. The vertebral joints are reliant on kinetic forces for their limited ROM within their interlocking design. ROM exceeding interlocking design is luxation, not sub luxation.

The sacroiliac and occipital condyle joints do not possess either the interlocking osseous design common to vertebra nor any muscles to restore a partial luxation to normal position following subluxation and will remain subluxated until some artificial force is applied from a favorable direction that adjusts the offending bone back to normal position.

The above facts demand we adjust the occipital condyles and sacroiliac subluxations for a return to normal position. Their subluxated position demanded gravity compensating positions of vertebra, above and below in order to adapt to the changes of gravity demands which command nonorthogonal positions of vertebra as a normal functional compensating response that needs to be maintained even when nerve insult is a consequence. But, alas and alack this is all to often ignored and vertebral alignment procedures assume top priority. Symptoms may change but the patient cannot get well until CAUSE is successfully addressed. The philosophy of cause was correct but the patient outcome left much to be desired and all because the doctor's expertise was not adequate or correct.

Reversing the compensating vertebral dyskinesial aberrations after the primary NSI has been eliminated is good therapy. Secondary NSI can be as devastating as primary NSI and the application of appropriate manipulation will assist in the reversing process of eliminating secondary NSI as a more normal ROM of vertebral units return.

Aberrant quality/quantity of neurotransmitters or psychological stressors from out of sync socio-economic/moral life styles are also causes of NSI. NSI from these causes require appropriate clinical expertise and sometimes referral is necessary until the body and mind can heal itself. This we espouse is a good philosophy of normal healthy living but until our expertise can consistently and repeatedly deliver elimination of NSI it will not happen.

No, D.D. Palmer didn't deliver a fully complete and perfected health care system but he did lead us in the correct direction and left us with some reliable truths of how to enjoy good health when the nervous systems function as designed. B.J. was a flamboyant salesman. He put us on the map and fought for what his father had the vision to teach. My sixty eight years of clinical experience and over thirty years of clinical research has resulted in some remarkable improvements of chiropractic care. I have teh mental and physical ability to teach these improvements to a select few. Would you help me select these few who in turn are capable of teaching the expertise of eliminating NSI to any and all who are qualified? Please give this some serious thought!

Neurophysiology is better known today than in 1895. Sensory nerve signal input to cerebral centers is estimated to be in excess of 100,000,000 per second. These signals are transposed into awareness of our internal/external environment and the brain reacts by generating motor signals and routes them to the appropriate effectors for response. Any interference of sensory input results in unreliable input and in computer language this is known as, "garbage in/garbage out". In chiropractic language this is known as, "disease". The same principle can happen to the motor side of the reflex arc. Nerve signal interference (NSI) is a cause of disease and is probably the major cause of disease.

The body cures itself when the NSI is eliminated provided irreversible damage has not been done. NSI is not confined to joints or foramina of the spinal column. We have chemical and psychological NSI and our life styles can and do contribute to NSI and NSI responds to appropriate manipulation and proper nutrition. Yes! eliminating NSI is the "big idea" and it belongs to Chiropractic so long as we do not infringe on drugs or surgery.

I hope I have made myself perfectly clear and that you will help me in my mission of upgrading the expertise of applying chiropractic philosophy in its clinical service.

Sincerely yours,

Earl F. Craton, D.C., Ph.C. & Bd Chm NSIR, Inc.

Dr. Barge's response

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