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In all of Chiropractic's arguments, admonitions, or attempts to convince there has not been a basic fundamental truth brought to the forefront. And that, is simply that the vertebrae do not subluxate! Yes by all means the spine is affected; but it is not because the vertebrae have somehow gotten themselves partially out of place. The proof that I have to that effect is that the vertebrae, via the intervertebral discs, are simply acting as shock absorbers for another problem elsewhere. For example, the head has rotated and sideslipped on the first vertebra of the spine. Thus, the body is forced to balance an approximately fifteen pound object at it's apex that is not centered correctly and is creating an inaccurate distribution of weight. How has the Creator fashioned us for this task? By allowing for compensation in the spine!! Again, there is a difference in the length of the legs, or there is a subluxation of the sacro-iliac joint; either would create a tilted pelvis. Once again, the Creator has fashioned the body to adapt by allowing for a compensation in the spine! Therefore the famed "vertebral subluxation" is nothing but a sacred cow.

The truth of the matter is that the spine is indeed affected, but only because there are subluxations or other contributing factors around the spine, not in the spine itself. These abnormalities are therefore the primary cause for physical nerve signal interference. Until they are dealt with efficiently, any technique that addresses the "vertebral subluxation" as it is known, is only prolonging the suffering of the patient. As I have said, this "vertebral subluxation" is simply an adapting compensation for another problem elsewhere. Does it not make sense to eliminate the reason for the compensation instead of treating the compensation as if it is the primary cause of the problem?

Are you ready for me? A wise man once stated that the future of the health care industry would lie in the philosophy of those that could eliminate the body's ailments naturally. Does it matter that they be licensed if the licenses that are up for grabs are inundated with false concepts? Rather, the truth is a concept all it's own, with no board to decide upon it's integrity. If a person can fathom it, and act upon it with dignity, does it matter that they have a following of supposed pious individuals to herald the agenda? When Christ came to this earth to heal the sick did he hold a license? No, he did not. And yet there has been no physician like him since.

There has been a trade off ladies and gentlemen. Money, prestige, and power have replaced truth, honesty, and knowledge. It is time to put this fact to the test and it is time to learn of our birthright! God intended for mankind to live forever in a physical form, that is, until he suffered from nerve signal interference.

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