Nothing happens by accident.

Suddenly he turned on me. The smiling face that was there before had become a twisted and foreboding cloud. He said that it was preposterous to collect the fees that I had described, and claimed that Grandpa had been ripping people off if he had actually got those fees. (What he failed to understand, was that Grandpa provided a complete service for that money. The fee was to restore a person's health, and sometimes that took time.)

I was enraged, and told him that I would take back Grandpa's literature, since he obviously wasn't worthy of the information, and be on my way. I had wasted my time in coming to him at all, which is why I had called him to start with. I didn't want to be wasting my time with a doctor's ego that needed stroking.

It didn't take him long to call the police. He told them that I was practicing medicine without a license. (I later discovered that there are no local regulations in the city of Enid that govern ANY medical practitioner, something that he should have known.) Perhaps he did know, but played the card hoping that I did not. Intimidation is fast on the heals of many a doctor's ego. He also told me that he was going to let the proper authorities know about me in order to stop my expertise. (Only expertise wasn't the word he used.) And no, he never did return Grandpa's literature.

I ended up leaving his office without the literature, previous to the arrival of the local police. I hadn't really planned on seeing the men in blue and figured that I shouldn't take my chances. I did NOT, however, scurry out his door. I took my time and proudly held my head up while I opened the passenger door to lean over and open the driver's side door. (Yes, the latch to the driver's side door was broken. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get paid much for my services.) Before I got in my car and drove off I just HAD to flip that son of a bitch off. Yeah I feel pretty much the same about them all. They don't know much, but they SURE do hold the power! At least that's what I thought at the time.

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