James D. Myers, D.C.
Advisory Committee Member
1441 E. 41st Street
Tulsa, OK 74105

July 17, 2000

Dear Sir

I am writing you as requested in your letter dated July 11, 2000.

I am angered by this so-called health service practitioner's complaint. I am curious as to his intent on getting sick people well. It seems to me impractical to cry foul and attempt to stop the benefit that I can deliver. I do respect your wording of the letter that I received and am not currently holding you to blame for his ignorance.

However, I have given my response much thought and am currently guided by my God to point out one simple fact. This doctor of health services has intended to throw me to the lions for helping people. You tell your "Goliath" that the young and future king is ready to meet him on the battlefield. I will wager my knowledge against his license any day of the week. If he feels that his faith is strong enough to prove me wrong then tell him to get his patients together and let them decide who is wrong and who is right.


Tammy Kennedy
316 Seventh Street
Kremlin, OK 73753

(For current contact information see link.)

PS. Have you found my proposal that was delivered to the Board of Directors on July 12?

Mailed: July 20, 2000
Delivered: July 21, 2000
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