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Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
500 Morris Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081

July 24, 2001

To Whom it May Concern

I have written Christopher Reeve several years ago and then called again recently. I told a true story of a paralysis case that I was instrumental in restoring the clients sensation to his body, and subsequently the ability to walk and begin to live a normal life again.

I received a cookie cutter type letter saying that he was going to trust the authorities regarding such matters. I am a specialist, a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist to be exact. So what if the science is not recognized yet if it works. You have a unique opportunity to send your best and brightest minds to sit at the feet of the First Disciple of the art that could very easily set so many people free. The technique is mostly physical in nature. We position the bones of the body to a proper articulation and in restoring the body's framework many times unlock the capacity of the body to heal itself.

We are not Chiropractors, Osteopaths, or any other recognized modality. We have however succeeded after the others have failed. When it comes to technique, we are a physical science first, and second, the inevitably victorious horsemen of the apocalypse.

God has sent me to you. Will you listen to His Word?


Tammy Joy Kennedy
(Faithful and True)

PS. This is my third attempt to reach an open and willing mind in your establishment who has the ability to call the shots. I am at this point rather skeptical in believing that you will even hear me. I can understand fear, but only if it is founded. It cannot hurt in the slightest bit to seek our help, and it could be a huge miracle in the making. I have a web site and have already presented my struggle against the recognized authorities there. I can easily add this chapter to the list. I figure that if you do not at least inquire, then you have not exhausted all possibilities. I am sure that the people will appreciate my story and the fact that I have contacted you for the third time now. Do you have the ability to ask me just once? You have until the 17th of August until I post this letter to my web site. I will also be sending you a certified copy of this exact letter in two weeks so that I know you have received it if I do not hear from you before that. It is time to go to the mattresses, and the day of Erin Brockovich.

PPS. You might find it interesting to know that I had just the week before I received your calendar in the mail, told of my letter to Christopher Reeve and his response to that letter. Coincidence? I had simply said that he would never walk again because he has chosen not to be an active part in helping us to make a difference for the future. We have already done the research, and it works. I just can't see why you would not take advantage of our effort simply because we don't fit the mold you want. I wish you no malice at all, in fact, I wish you well. Please see http:\\www.nsirtech.com.

Finding information:
Tammy Joy Kennedy
Route 1, Box 87
Fairmont, OK 73736

Phone #: (580) 402-3375

Current contact information

This letter was first sent electronically through the paralysis.org web site on June 28, 2001. Please feel free to visit the above link and while you're there make sure to look at the picture of Christopher Reeve [notice how his head has slipped to the left (his left ear is much higher than his right ear)]. And then, why don't you just go ahead and ask old Chris just why he hasn't tried getting his head screwed on straight by a Nerve Signal Interference Specialist yet. He does (or at least he did) have the power to allow for the discovery to touch him first in order to get the word out to the masses, if that is his real intent. We shall see if he is true or not by his response to this challenge. Go ahead and tell him where you got the idea (http:\\www.nsirtech.com/reeve.html); he needs to see it. The more people send out the word the better the chance is that something will actually be done about this. So make your voice heard loud and clear.

Even if it is too late for old Chris, I feel he still has a responsibility to investigate this for the sake of those who have NOT undergone the knife yet. And, if he will not FINALLY take the challenge to heart, then I say he is a fool and a hypocrite.

Mailed: July 30, 2001
Delivered: August 2, 2001
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