If you are paying for health insurance, would you please tell me just why that is the case? Obviously the health insurance companies don't have any better of a system than what is already established in the main stream medical fields. And personally, if it comes to a decision to survive the chronic or the acute, I would rather live past the chronic unscathed and die from a sudden tragedy, than survive a fatal accident only to suffer later from the resulting pain syndrome that never ends.

No wonder the cost of health insurance is so incredibly high! Wouldn't you prefer to become empowered sufficiently to have the BEST solution to any health issue available to you simply for the asking? Of course, the best cannot be quantitatively measured. It must be gauged instead, by the experiences of those who have already been subjected to it. This takes time and sometimes the experience gets lost in life's other events.

Plainly, we cannot depend on the medically established system of today to know what is BEST, since most providers are wearing blinders to anything but their own narrow vision. The investigators/scientists are falling down on the job, not wanting to be seen as the dunce by not knowing everything.

Obviously the insurance companies, in my sight, can be labelled as the Emporer's courtiers, who of course, did not want to be known as foolish by going against the accepted norm of those in power. They uphold the system/train just a little more rigidly in order to hopefully dupe the "poor dumb public", as Grandpa would say, to believe their lie.

Well the cat is out of the bag! The child has said, "But he has nothing on!".

Just what will you do now?

January 7, 2003

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