Who Watches the Watchers?

The following is a comprehensive list of web sites and contact information for the different regulatory agencies for the chiropractic boards in the 50 United States of America.

I have included direct links to complaint forms, information, and procedures (when available), in order to make it easier for you to begin the complaint process. NOTE: Upon my investigation of the mission statement and opening comments of these agencies, I found a recurring theme. It was said that the underlying and basic purpose of these boards was to safeguard or protect the public health and welfare of the citizens of that state. One page even offered the fact that the essential nature and inner working of that process was to accept for filing, and subsequently investigate, the complaints of the patient against the doctor. And yet, MOST of these bodies present a plethora, or virtual smorgasbord, of conveniences geared to the service of the doctor. Most DO offer a way to look up a doctor's licensure status, and some even present a list of 'disciplined doctors'. But MOST agencies essentially hide the links to their complaint forms, which is why I have incorporated this convenience for the public.

In their literature it is said that they ARE the authorities that can impose standards of higher learning and education within their field. It is implied and even stated in some instances, (I'll paraphrase) that if only they decide to bring a particular philosophy or technique to the forefront, then they have the power to implement sweeping change. There is a HUGE effort to show, through the law, that THEY are the king of their mountain, and can practice according to what they have set up for themselves. Most agencies do not even mention now, the famed 'vertebral subluxation', on which their entire profession is based. They have crafted their wording to reflect emphasis on the spine, and musculoskeletal, and nervous systems instead. Although, I did find one agency who apparently seems to be lost in the dark ages and did speak about this 'sacred cow'. Unfortunately, most of their blathering discusses the arena in which they can operate. And virtually nothing is said about TRUE excellence in technique. Moral character seems to be a high priority with them, and yet they refuse to listen, at least in Oklahoma, to 'The One Who Knows'. With this said, I need to tell you that I will soon be approaching the other state agencies in order to potentially pin their guilt on their foreheads also. And perhaps, someone in a power position will finally listen to the voice of reason. I can only hope.

Feel free to begin the complaint process if you happen to be one of the unfortunate souls who have placed your faith in the collective incompetence of the chiropractic profession. If you don't know how to begin please see my suggested complaint statements in order to better understand what kind of service you SHOULD be getting from your chiropractor. Change WILL eventually come through efforts such as these. Government by the people, for the people. Right?!


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All of the following links are current and working as of March 14, 2005:

Arizona · Complaints
Arkansas · Complaint Information
California · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 27K)
Colorado · How do I File a Complaint?
Connecticut · Toll Free Consumer Complaint Number: (800) 842-0038
Delaware · File a Complaint
Florida · Filing Complaints
Georgia · Start a Complaint Procedure
Hawaii · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 55K)
Idaho · How to File a Complaint
Illinois · File a Complaint
Indiana · Filing a Complaint
Iowa · Complaint Process
Kansas · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 8K)
Louisiana · How to File a Complaint
Maine · File a Complaint
Maryland · Complaint Form
Massachusetts · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 41K)
Michigan · Complaints
Minnesota · The Complaint Process
Mississippi · Filing a Complaint
Missouri · Complaint Forms
Montana · How to File a Complaint
Nebraska · To File a Complaint
Nevada · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 127K)
New Hampshire
New Jersey · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 27K)
New Mexico · Complaint Procedures
New York · Filing a Complaint
North Carolina · How do I File a Complaint?
North Dakota
Oklahoma · Start the Complaint Process
Oregon · Complaint Process
Pennsylvania · Filing a Complaint
Rhode Island · Complaint Information
South Carolina · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 143K)
South Dakota · How do I File a Complaint? (Frequently Asked Questions)
Tennessee · How to File a Complaint
Texas · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 42K)
Utah · File a Complaint
Vermont · Complaint Form (pdf file, size 154K)
Virginia · File a Complaint
Washington · Complaint Info
West Virginia · Procedures for Filing a Complaint
Wisconsin · Complaints
Wyoming · Complaint Process
SOURCES: Federation of Chiropractic Licensing BoardsJournal of Vertebral Subluxation ResearchAmerican Chiropractic AssociationChiropractic First SourceParker College • And More
At the time of this publication, all links are functioning properly. I am speculating that once the legislative bodies come to grips with this page, that it is probable that things will begin to vanish. So, should this happen, if you will only notify me of a dead link, I will do my level best to track them down again, or offer you the chance to copy from my new database of saved forms.


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