Nerve Signal Interference Removal (NSIR) Technologies is a privately funded research organization that is making the attempt to spearhead very real, and badly needed, change inside the chiropractic institution. Although the founder of Nerve Signal Interference Removalís (NSIRís) philosophical ideals and essential methods was a chiropractor, the new art is a major break from chiropractic.

The spinal column is the central focus of Chiropractic. This fact is both historical and modern.

NSIR does not focus on the spinal column, but instead understands that the real function of the spine is to compensate for, and adapt to, an unlevel pelvis or improperly balanced head. These two conditions are the essential basic causative agents that create the so-called abnormal functioning of the spine.

NSIR is a unique and distinctive art and philosophy that has been in existence for about the last fifty years. This new field came from the independent research and development of Dr. Earl Franklin Craton - my grandfather. As early as 1985, Dr. Craton was the first to both prove and report in the chiropractic journals (1 & 2) a major discovery that still is not being taught correctly in the anatomy textbooks. That discovery is in regard to the true architectural design of the atlanto-occipital joint:

Human atlas; superior view
Human atlas facets; superior view

Dr. Craton proved that this joint actually had twice as many joint surfaces as was thought to exist. This discovery is extremely important and laid the initial groundwork for how to place the head to a perfect articulation on the atlas. This method goes to the root cause of why the body will fail to adapt to itís environment, and when done responsibly has proven time and again that chiropractic, osteopathy, and even physical therapy are severely lacking in scientific reasoning ... not to mention the allopathic model.

In 1991 I first approached the then future Board of Chiropractic Examiners President in Oklahoma. At the time, all it took for him to request that I perform the work in order to benefit HIS health, was to know that I was Cratonís granddaughter and had learned Cratonís work. He had been suffering from both a subluxated, or partially dislocated, head and pelvis. He had already been to his colleagues in an effort to secure any lasting relief from his condition and no such relief could be found. I treated him approximately three times and he no longer suffered from the condition that Chiropractic had previously failed in.

Quite frankly, this is no surprise since Chiropractic focuses on the spinal column as a cause. The problem wasnít in the spine at all. The problem was in the joints directly above and below the spine.

Today, about 80 percent of our population has a problem in either one or both of the joints directly above or below the spinal column. And instead of Chiropractic being willing to correctly learn what they should already know, and then utilize this research as they themselves have demanded for their own benefit, they have put up a ridiculous argument that Cratonís research IS chiropractic in order to control the availability of this invaluable art. And quite frankly, they do not intend that the public would grow wise enough to demand the pure form of Cratonís research.

It has been reported to me that some doctors who have made the attempt to copy Cratonís methods have been able to stop even "Parkinsonís" dead in itís tracks. Other well-known and equally debilitating "conditions" that respond to Cratonís superior research are "Fibromyalgia", and "Multiple Sclerosis", to name a few. The problem in regard to a plagiarized version of Cratonís research is, that usually a chiropractor who will engage in this plagiarized version of Cratonís work cannot actually duplicate scientifically Cratonís success rate. Cratonís research performed as Craton would perform it has not failed, not even once.

Dr. Cratonís work deserves to compete in its true form. For me to allow for anything less, is to stand idly by while an entire profession commits the act of theft upon the very people they purport to cure and save.

You may support the effort to keep Cratonís unique research and methods alive and recognized as the perfect standard that they are. Our hope is that Chiropractic will finally admit that Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, was mistaken, and that Craton is the standard by which to measure what the people deserve.

1) Craton, E.F. (1985). Cranial vertebral junction autopsy. Todayís Chiropractic: 14 (4), 29-30.

2) Craton, E.F. (1985). Cranial - vertebral junction autopsy. The Texas Journal of Chiropractic: October, 21-22.

SUMMARY NEWSFLASH:  In 2004 the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in Oklahoma sued me for practicing chiropractic without a license. I won the battle in June of 2008 and am still recovering from the financial damages of the OBCE's frivolous claim. They knew as well as I did that Nerve Signal Interference Removal was NOT chiropractic from the start. And quite simply, their claim was the ONLY one that they could make to create the subsequent controversy and possible continued suppression of Dr. Craton's life's research. Unfortunately the Enid News and Eagle, the local paper where the infamous battle took place, refused to report the news of the victory even though they had covered the story when the lawsuit first took place. I was told by the newspaper that they intended to report the outcome of the judge's decision once that decision was made. But apparently they only intended to make that report if the OBCE won the case. The newspaper in the small community where I attended high school, fortunately had a different opinion. If you wish to reward our victory in the court, and/or help our cause of forcing the powers that be in the medical industries to raise their standards please join me on Patreon and step into the conversation in a meaningful way. Your support will help to establish this new paradigm in healing for generations to come. Thank you in advance, and God speed.

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